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I don't know if any of you guys have tried this Magic Jack thing, it is an internet phone system. Comes as a small Usb device that you can plug a phone into, costs about 40 bucks for the device and 20 bucks a year for incomming/outgoing calls + free long distance. I got mine today, realizing you can olny use it when your computer is on........which to me is not a problem since I hardly use the phone, I actually prefer not to have one but, ended up with this stupid thing somehow. All in all it works ok sound quality is good, its cheap.....lots of features except for one small detail. For some reason I am the only person to ever get one these things and not be able to recive incomming calls from landlines or cell phones. Now..maybe it is the fact that I have a short fuse, or just the fact I have spent 6.5 hours in a tech chat trying to resolve this problem, getting asked some of the dumbest questions I have ever heard in my life, and being asked to do some pretty crazy stuff as well....

CMP StateOfMind, SlightlyTicked

JE @Round2

jmp @Satisfied


The first "Tech Chat" I got asked pretty much the questions from the faq page.......very nice cut and paste operation they have there...they asked me to try diffent phones and I did, hell I tried it with no phone. Now take into account that MJ 2 MJ calls work fine and I can call out fine......I am not the smartest person in the world but I think I have things on my end pretty much tied up.... they even tried blaming the cell phone carriers and the phone company...hummm telephones have been around for how long? Yet they persist that I restart my modem & router and it would solve the problem.......It did solve a problem........that particular person did not have to deal with me no more being disconnecting myself from the net the connection was lost... :dunno::angry:

CMP StateOfMind, SeeingRed

JE @Round3

jmp @Satisfied


Pretty much the same as round one just lasted longer, was asked to switch USB ports I have 7 tried every one of them, no Incommig calls.

after the first hour I am pretty sure I had blood veins bulging from my head, and my blood pressure was way above a healthy range. The keep insisting that the problem is on my end, never entertaining the thought that it might be their problem, this goes back and forth for a while I get asked the same questions over and over and over........and then we get the restart the router bit again......I was very persistant and let the jacka$$ know that I knew that was just a ploy to get me out of his hair, I guess I pushed the right button so he asks do do a remote help session. So now we are linked and I have some pompas a$$ browsing about my pc... and when I seen the way he was browsing around he had no clue what he was doing, but I got a little satisfaction out of it because I could move the mouse and mess him up a little which was enough to calm me down a little....lol so he gets in my list of installed programs and what do you know now it is not the phone company....Roxio is the culprit... so I explain to the guy that I am no expert on TCP/UDP protocols but I have those particular services disabled and only start them when I need them, and in my personal opinion if there was a port conflict........if Roxio & Roxio services are not running there should be no conflict....To no avail, I must uninstall roxio with the personal knollege it wont make one bit of diffrence, but willing to do it to prove a point........

Mov Roxio,0

CMP StateOfMind, Highly Pi$$ed

JE @Round4

jmp @Satisfied


So here I am in the third stage of what seems to be an infinate loop, which inturn has spun me into a dimension of Pi$$ed Off of which I have never been. I forgot to add above in the previous two conversations I asked to have them wipe my account out and let me start from scratch new # and all, which was totaly out of the question. Here we go again........for the third time I am having to tell this story, for the third time I lay out all the dumb questions for them in the first message I send. i thought I had covered the basics, maybe we could move on from this unplug this, try that , is this installed.......OMFG!!! it never stops I would have been better off explaining this to my dog. This guy was more patient than the other 2, it seems this conversation went on for days but it was actually a coupe hours till finially he was tired of me and I get this line of BS "Our systems need 48 hours to update, just wait till tomorro and everything will be fine" :kick: so I plead one more time...."Just kill my account let me have a new number and if that does not work I will leave you alone." which I though was pretty reasonable.... being as I wasted all my precious RCE time begging to get something I had payed for, too much to ask I guess........

CMP StateOfMind, OMFG I Wanna Strangle Somebody

JE @Bow_Down_To_Your_CoorparateOverloard_And_Take_It_Up_The_A$$_Like_A_Good_LIttle_Bit#$_:

jmp @Satisfied


Mov edi,15


Mov Eax, Hammer

Mov Ebx, MagicJack

Add Eax,Ebx

dec edi

cmp Edi,00

Jnz @KillMagicJack



db 00

db 00

db 00

db 00

I have no idea if this thing will ever work, if it does I guess it is worth it but I got a feeling bout this, so the moral of the story is...........

I dunno just pretend like I wrote something very insightful that will inspire you not to waste your money on this thing.....

Have a nice day :thumbsup:

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Teddy Rogers

Your story sounds like a problem I had with an old ISP, Dodo. They weren't paying their bills or something and had some technical issues at their servers end. Everytime I phoned up to complain about extremely intolerable slow speeds they kept giving me the run around installing this, unplugging that. You have to go through these early motions to get higher up the tech level and even then those higher tech levels are futile. I knew when I was asked to do things it wouldn't make any difference and I am sure they did to, they must be told to drag things out until they fix the real issues at their end.

Anyway... I ended up demanding to have my account terminated. I did get offered a couple of free months to stay but if they aren't performing why stick with them... :dunno:


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