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Farcry Movie...

Teddy Rogers

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what thanks for that to uwe boll:P

i saw trailer earlier and all i can say its not so bad. seems for first time uwe followed game instead of invent his own story.

so movie is like you playing game. we will see later how it will look like.

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You do have a point but I have seen to many games turned in to movies that have been bad or just wrong its hard to take Hollywood seriously anymore. I just hope FarCry the movie is not going to be full of chessy one-liners as it looks partly in the trailer.

It is a great game, in my top 5 of all time, the film should do it justice...


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Well lets just hope its not as cheesy as house of the dead ;)

The stunts and martial arts look robust enough, maybe the action will put it a cut above and good enough to not fall asleep to.

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Oh dear, looks like some serious crap.

And guess what maybe the next movie of this crappy Uwe Boll is?


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Usually you can add a point or two to movies on imdb if you like the genre.

But 2.7 .... :'D

It's not like I hadn't expected it but you're still entitled to some hope, right? :D

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