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GreyPod [Uppp Skin]


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File Name: GreyPod [uppp Skin]

File Submitter: Departure

File Submitted: 17 Feb 2008

File Category: uPPP Skins

My first ever Uppp Skin, very basic but i was exploring more with irregular shapes and using .png files, So the shape I made is very diffrent please feel free to comment.


Ufo-Pu55y has done an excellent job with creating Uppp Patch Engine, I look forward to make some skins in the future, awsome job dude!!!!

Click here to download this file

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LOL.. I see this scroller 'hack' again ^^

I like the freaky approach of the main image ;)

But what I didn't get is, why you chose a 1MB font :blink:

lol.. I didn't even know about .ttc fonts. Who cares, as long as

they also work. There are so many great but MUCH smaller sized

fonts out there. And for me the scroller is really hardly readable,

more than ever coz of the scroller hack.

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I did'nt really work to much on fonts and detail graphics for this skins, I was more interested about the irregular shapes and the buttons and finding out how the ini was to be setout. 1mb font was a mistake and should'nt have used it, I did'nt relize how large it was untill .rar'ed it up. And what is the scroller hack? I originally just copyed the ini file from one of the example templates and just change the cords ect...

Thanks for your input guys, my next skin I will start looking at finishing the job with correct fonts and add'ing detail graphics to it. If anyone wants the .psd to this skin i would be glad to send it because it does have potential to be improved alot.....

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And what is the scroller hack?
Ah, nvm then. I thought you did it intentionally.

You took a scroller width of 145, which is odd. Simply choose 144 or 146 and it's done ;)

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