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Cim Wallpaper


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This wallpaper designed in my free time , and for brothers in cim team because the SND & Arteam & CiM & AT4RE teams And other helped me to learn RCE...

thnx for all ..

Wallpaper :


For any hint to develop my work please write it ..

Best Regard


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I like the background, kinda 'popart' style. The shading on 'CIM' looks good but somehow the text seems to be lacking. Perhaps some more light on or behind it would make it stand out better? Might reduce the amoutn of blue immediately in your face too.

Nice work though, I like it.

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thanx, Loki & sonny27 ...

I'm glad to reply in my post, bros.

thnx for hints , loki ... and will try to apply them in next work , thanx.



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