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Sun Of Snd


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Fantastic work although i not sure if i like he font used to write 'Seek N Destroy' at the top

Apart from that very impressive and nice music ;)

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@Ufo pu55y : you like it!! , this honor for me , thnx bro .

@Shaneyboy : think must use this font for stately impressive look , thnx , for you like it.

@Ahmed18 : thnx brother .

@Loki : this some from your experience , thnx bro .

best regard


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Awesome work! :cool: You did a really good job with this one. I really like the texture on the "SND" text. I also like the font that you chose for the "Seek n Destroy"... It's hard to find a font in this style that looks so sharp and crisp. My criticisms: first, on my screen the scrolling text goes over top of the "Seek n Destroy" slightly on the right hand side... maybe it could be lowered a little? Another suggestion might be to change the font for "application, author, url, and date" to something of a more technical style, or even the same font as the scrolling text - just an idea. Finally, I think my favorite part of your skin is the details around the outside of the sun... I'll call them hieroglyphs and sun rays. But, one of the first things I noticed is that the rays at the top of the sun are cut off. Looks like maybe they were partially cropped in Photoshop? Anyway, don't mind my criticisms - your skin is great and I look forward to seeing more. :biggrin:


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@EclipTic : thank you very much, bro. :smile:

Exactly ,this needed . :thumbsup:

all criticisms : i will apply them in next work .

I,m very happy for you liked it . :D

Best regard


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