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How To Start With Some Work?


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If you wanna start skinning Dup too then you better check EclipTic's tutorials :)

I dunno about the links i tried getting them but seems FTP's are down....

Sorry about that :X

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Thanks for the answer Angel-55, i still trying to find these tutorials, but no luck... hope that other members take a look here and can help. :)

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Hola Matey !!!

I see that you are looking for some Photoshop help. AFAIK, uPPP patch maker uses .png format and is quite convenient for making skins (transparency, irregular shapes, blurred edges and so on). All you need to worry about is tyhe size of those .png's cos patch is intended to be small file (below 150kB rared). For squeezing them (pngs) you can use PNGOUTWin (google for it a little).

For learning some general photoshop techniques visit http://planetrenders.net/ or http://www.fablesandsuch.org/forum/



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If you want to get an idea for how keygen templates should be, take a look into the gallery and downloads areas. In the downloads area, you will find source files from different artists that can help you learn.

I know Ziggy made a guide for creating keygen templates, but I don't have a copy anymore. I tried searching for it, but no luck.

If you want to make some keygen templates, be prepared to share your photoshop file. Most coders use photoshop and can use your file to add the information they need and save the files in whatever format they want (BMP, JPG, etc). As a rule of thumb, for keygen templates stick to sharp, well defined edges.

For uPPP patches - download a copy of the guide.

For dUP patches - the link to my tut seems to be dead. I'll dig out a copy and upload it for you soon.


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