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Visual Studio 2008 :((


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I recently tried out Visual Studio 2008, mainly for the vb and I have never been so disapointed. This has got to be the biggest ile of crap I have ever seen. I can not really speak about the c# and c++ , and if programming was easy everyone would do it but. How can they even call it VB? It looks the same and the syntax is kinda the same but other than that I can not see it as VB. I have not really played with it much and I might eat these words one day but it flat out sucks. From what I can tell VB is almost a thing of the past and this is its replacement but for amatuers like myself we are screwed. I can not find any documentation on api calling syntax or declarations, functions like Left & Right are gone, untelling what else. I guess the kind folks @ MS never thought a new programmer might need to make an API call or format a string. Also it is a slow, bloated, memory eating monster. I mean d!@m they could have atleast gave ya an API viewer like in visual studio 6. I guess its about time for me to find some C++ and Delphi tuts and move on, If I am going to have to learn something new it might as well beworth my while.

You can also throw Vista on the S#@t list as well, In my opinion vista should still be under beta testing and more being done for XP....Why disregard a good thing?

Sorry for this rant but I had to get it off my chest...


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@dustyh1981: I understand what you feel now. New IDE, new begin. But I disagree with you that you think "VB is almost a thing of the past and this is its replacement but for amatuers like myself". VB is really strong language. It can do everything what c# can do and 90% of what c++ can do. It's not for amatuers. Many professional programers use also VB as their primary language. VB is more powerful than c# or c++ because with it you can write macro for your MS Office application. I see many people claim VB as a sh*t programming language. It really makes me laughing. He doesn't know it and tell it as a sh*t. :) ).

If you can not find docu, then try to search it until you find it. Left, Right functions are still there.


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I was talking about vb6 being a part of the past, I am not completely throwing it under the bus, just having a bad day I guess. And this post has bit me in the butt, about 15 minutes after I posted it I found some of the things I was looking for. Now that I think about it there were times like this whe I started with vb6. I see the potential of the 2008 version but it is still slow and a memory eating beast..

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vb's crap, its designed for beginner coders, its bloated... very bloated... you're better off learning c / c++ / asm... just my 2c....

I agree... I would add Delphi as a good environment, since it lets you coding in pascal language, very easy to learn and use, and the powerful of C++...

Another 2 cents :wink:


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hmm yeh, though delphi's support for 64 bit is sadly lacking.. so c/c++ / asm (which is tricky in x64) is the only real option...

i do agree though.. i would put delphi on the same 'line' in my listing for 'preferred' languages...

1. asm (really depends on the task though)

2. c/c++ or delphi

3. vb / .net (ie: last possible resort)

4. some script, python or whatever

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