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The EyE - uPPP skin


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File Name: The EyE - uPPP skin

File Submitter: Vi2DoubleYu

File Submitted: 3 Feb 2008

File Category: uPPP Skins

hello...even i'm not a gfx master around here, but here my contribute for uPPP skin. i give it name The EyE. hope you all like it and nice if with comment and also don't forget rate it for me...one again, thanks you to saw my skin.

Click here to download this file

Edited by Vi2DoubleYu
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finnaly I got reply....thanks so much Ufo-Pu55y..this another my released.maybe you have take a look my contest skin. and hope i'm to be choice.. :)

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actually this my ex-girl friend, i catch it using for my camera and redit using photoshop to zoom it..i make it for take memories with her...I'm broke with him cause maybe my fault, I'm don't have time with her, all of time almost on learning gfx or anything....sad huh... :( ..farewell...

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yup, thats nice work. Your stuff keeps getting better - great stuff!

thank Loki, without your support, I'm not here to make contribute.

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