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it's really nice, but the monster make me fear :lol:
Which monsters :?

SnD members use to look like that :cool2:

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@ufo .. how did you shrink the tune down.. i'd love to know (what did you use to do it) might shrink the hell out of my patches / keygens.. ;)
With MilkyTracker:

-shortening the whole tune by deleting patterns.

And then optimize button - it will delete all unused samples and stuff, too

-resampling of the samples.. to a lower quality (often not noticable).. optimize again

But better not all steps at once, coz MilkyTracker will hang while optimizing, if the changes are too many.

Note: If the author hears, what u've done to his tune... better hide !! :biggrin:


Are we monsters ? ^^

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nice one there Ufo.. and better work with the tune.1MB->55kb, at the first look, I was like..whoa how come?... :lol:


:) .. Can't say the same here, else I wont even get married... he he..

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Looks like my missus.

If she was a member of this forum she would be in the middle of knocking up a coffin box for you right now... :)


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