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Microsoft Reported Quarter Revenue $16.37 Billion...

Teddy Rogers

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For the quarter ended Dec. 31, Microsoft reported revenue of US$16.37 billion, an increase of 30 percent year over year and a number that solidly beat the $15.95 billion that Thomson Financial analysts had estimated. Last year for the same period Microsoft reported $12.54 billion in revenue.

Not bad for three months work... :rolleyes:


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HeHe Not bad at all, i used to know a mathematician that worked for microsoft for about a year, he died from hart problems coused by too much stress on work..

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Just think what they would have made if Vista didnt have so many problems. Im waiting to upgrade my desktop computer tell I know SP1 is a descent fix.

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Take a gander at Triumph of the Nerds...opened my eyes to the pc "game" and what the real deal on how much money was generated for sure...Xerox would have been the Global leader for sure!!!

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