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Where To Start?


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Sorry to sound like a noob, but theres so many tutorials and links and stuff and my brain hurts.

Where is the best place to start for a complete beginner?

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You go your own way and you learn by doing and experimenting. If then you have a particular question about something please raise it here on our forum, I am sure someone will be able to help...


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Thanks Ted. Any suggestions of where to go from there? Or just pick anything from that point?

As Ted said, you'll learn by doing. However, things you will want to be reading will include:

- something on the PE file structure (in addition to lena151's introduction)

- something on the import tables structure (in addition to lena151's introduction)

If you then want to do some coding, check ARTeam's tutorials. Goppit wrote a good one on coding for crackers, and Shub has written lots of excellent tutorials including code for various RE methods. If you really want your head to start spinning then pick something from deroko ;)

As Ted said though, experience will be the key. Choose some packers to spend some time on and stick with it :)

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I am also new in this World but I can tell you: never give up!

The video tutorials from Lena have a very high quality, I think if you have read and understand all the 40 series you will be an advanced Reverse Engineer.

If you do not understand a tutorial review it again and again, until you know what see actually means! ;)

You can also learn a programming language to make keygens, personal I've chosen for C++ but I prefer to choose a language what you really like to learn.

But check all her tutorials and be relax, do not hurry up yourself.

Good luck with it!

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Maybe it is somewhat pretentious for a newbie like myself to suggest something in this topic, but anyway...

in my opinion you should get whiterat's CrackersKit v2.00. of course, I have no idea what most of the tools there do. However, when going through lena's tuts, this kit comes in very handy: it contains most of the tools needed for them.


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Its certainly a good start :) You'll probably not need most of the tools beyond Olly, Imprec and your favourite PE edittor such as LordPE for now though :)

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