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Naruto Shippuuden [ger, Eng]


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Here I have made a little Site of DDL Sites to download the neweset Naruto Shippuuden. If you don't know what Shippuudens are go and look at wikipedia or google...;D Now Shippuudens aren't licensed in:





So you can download the fansubs from [C-N_NTFS] for free

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me too :D and i saw all Naruto Shippuden :)

I've seen every episode since Naruto 001 :D

imo, the first 4 seasons are the best so far, but Shippuden is starting to pick up... I wish it wasn't so slow paced compared to the Manga tho...

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When you only understand the English Language you can download it via Torrent legally coz it isn't licensed.

For your research:


He's the man who understand japanese fluently and translate the text in English undertitle.

Thanks a lot to him!

But if you German, you can download it via DDL from Obli and Hatake Kakashi's Server. KODEXDDL... ;) Inside Joke


Only German and DEPENDENT DDL. Every 2nd Saturday the Episodes are in japan. Dattebayo needs one Night and release them as torrent in the same night. Then 3-4 days later [C-N_NTFS] that are 2 gruop, released them with German undertitoe.


//Kakashi , the copy Ninja

Edited by Kakashi
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