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Hi to all, and sorry for little OT, im looking for a new mobo for Core 2 Quad Q660 s775 (2,4GHz) with 2x4MB cache.

I must chuse something from ASUS products. So I was hoping this (see quoted text below for details)

to be a good choice, but i really dont know what i get with this board:

I understand it has a VGA card onboard (using memory from DDR ram?)? Or am I wrong?

ASUSTEK, MAXIMUS FORMULA, 775, Intel X38, ICH9R, BUS 1600 MHz, DDRII, 4 slots, 1200 MHz, PCI 2, PCIe x16 2, PCIe x1 3, PATA 1, SATA 7, RAID 0, 1, 1+0, 5, 2x 10/100/1000 Ethernet, FireWire 1, USB 2.0 6, ATX, SupremeFX II, ATI CrossFire, 90MBB7M5-G0EAY00Z

BTW: system will have 4GB DDR2, 2x500sata2 with 16mb cache (mirroring for data safety) and Antec atlas 550W case ;)

It's been a while since i was keeping tracks of hardware components, so i really need help now :)

I know ATI crossFire is support for multiple VGA cards on one PC for extreme gamers, but thats all i know.

TIA, ChupaChu!

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1st i dont like asus, prefer gigabyte, 2nd buying today mobo for ddr2, when ddr3 is already out(but more expensive), next buying 1066mhz fsb cpu to mobo for 1600mhz support and 45nm cpus, where they use 1333mhz fsb today and newer will 1600mhz fsb. and 3rd i doubt this mobo has integrated gfx. crossfire is ati version of sli by nvidia. multi card support now triple sli so you can put 3 vga on it(thats a total waste of money, and still brings problems) why due there are many modes in crossfire to handle sli,scanline,tile, and many others.

scanline for example one card renders odd lines, other even lines and that makes some problems and flows like speed. tile for example renders picture in small squeres and another problem due some effects will be wrong like mirrors due it cant take data from other card so if tile is rendered, 1st card doesnt have access to 2nd card tile and it will look odd.

its better to wait for next gen vga than buy sli. next time put a link to mobo description on asus.com. integrated gfx is always crap. nvidia mobos and only those cheap have gf 6200,intel has G30 and ati something like x1300 integrated. supreme fx 2 as i remember its asus sound card

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Well i searched but was not able to find exact match i think this one is closest match:


so it has no onboard VGA?

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As for the Q6600, I think it's better to get a Phenom since its a lot cheaper but just a little bit slower.

You will get it for about 40 bucks less...

Not sure about that weird bug they mentioned, have they fixed it already ? Human ? :D

Other than that, RAM is pretty decent, main board seems okay (there wont be much of a performance increase if you choose, say, Gigabyte), HDD is great, I wouldn't need such a huge one atm but I guess i'ts just gonna take a year until mine is full :D

If you need a GFX card, go for the 8800 GT or 8800 GTS 640, ATI's cards are rather multimedia oriented, and their performance in games looks worse than Nividia at the moment, at least for the current prices.

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I dont play 3D games for long time now, so i really dont need GfX card if it comes onboard, but i dont know if it does or not for that model of mobo..

in fact i need asus mobo with lan, raid, quad core support, and vga onboard.

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GA-P35-DS3L (gigabyte)

costs about $100 and is a good OC'er. Took my quad (q6600) to 3.2 prime stable (35hrs+) on air. Highly recommend.

don't go for on board video cards. they suck. just shell out the $100 for something cheap

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lol you ask for maximus mobo that is for overclockers and want integrated vga. killboy amd sucks, slower than intel, and outdated. no ssse3 and now no sse4.1 like intel 45nm has:P

amd is dead due they took such **** as ati. and now they maybe rls phenom after tlb cache bugs. but 45nm will be in at least oct 2008. so 10 months later than intel. so far they do 65nm as new, that intel has is for 2 years. and even laptop producers turn their back on them due they cant supply enough cpus. next they make much more heat than intel:P

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@sigma: i did a little favor to a guy that works in asus dealership for my country, its best he can offer, so i get mobo, ram, cpu and disks for free, the vga i dont need but if that changes i will buy it later..

i have now old geForce4 titanium ultra something vga 8x, i guess it's not compatible with this new mobo?

I suck with hardware nowdays i know, but i lost track of hardware developings in last 4-5 years..

@human i did not know its a overclockers mobo, but thats even beter, i like oc stuff, e.g. now i work on old barton amd clocked to the max and water cooler since day 0 and no problems ever, never vent more than 4 centigrades above ambiental temperature though :)

@all: thanx for repys, but i still dont know if this mobo has onboard graphics card or not ;) ?

BR, ChupaChu!

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this mobo doesnt have integrated gfx, and dont take any that have. if you can get mobo for free get most expensive one. and saved money use for some decent vga. 8600gt is cheap and has dx10 support.

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