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Haxorin' A Boiler


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.. found this on one of my old CDs when AOL 3.0 was 'hip"

Still one of my all-time favorites :dry:

Hax0rin a boilah
Last time we wuz hax0rin' toastaz, so for dis time I been thinkin on
whut we should hax0r, and I thought, "eye will write
about....boilahs!!! Yes, those boilahs yew find in your basement!!" and
so I started to play around wiff
muh boilah at h0me, now yew can rewt your boilah tew!!!
Finding out da os that tha boilah iz runnin'
yew can dew this 3 wayz...
1: Lewk for a sticka on it dat sez.
2: Find a console on da boilah, then, if it has a keyboard (dependz on
manufacturer) type "uname -a" and it will tell yew!
3: Find da manual for your boilah (easiest way)
When you know your boilahs operating system, yew can proceed to hax0r
Hax0ring a boilah kan bee very dangerous, like hax0rin' a nukelear
powahh station, so make shure yew do the following...
1: Put on protective clothing, like gloves, and a hat, and maybe a
scarf, this is becos basements can be cooold, and yew wouldnt want to
catch a chill would yew?
2: Make shure yew have a spanner or wrench, as you will need these to
find hidden portz and tew eye-pee spoof from trusted hosts (like a sink,
or a pipe, or a washing machine)
Like wiv toasterz, we will first need to find hidden ports, so we need
to scan for them, boilahz are bigger than toasterz, so this may take
some time.
Yew can lewk for such hidden ports by doing these things...
1: Lewking around the boilah wiv your eyes.
2: Tracing pipes all around your house (bit like traceroute programs
3: Using stealth tekniques by hiding around your house and listening
for water, like from taps and stuff...
If you dont find any hidden ports, then yew can just login from a
washing machine, or other trusted host on the network, when you connect
to tha boilah from the washing machine yew will see something like
| General elektrik |
| m:0225 |
| s:b4588 |
| t:02 |
Boilah os release 2.54 (big baaaadass boilah)
Login: boilah
Password: <<--- we attemptid the default "boilah"
L0ghinn grantid
Welkome to boilah
Boiling operations plan response
Login on tty[washing machine]
Last login from bathrewm.com on tty[shower] at 7:43p.m.
1: Shutdown
2: Cold water
3: Hot water
4: Unix type shell environment
If yew ghet this yew are cool)(#*$ ok now chewze numbahh 4, then
yewse this universal boilahh exploit...
% **** Yew eye am eleet and k-r4d 'cos muh name iz zerocool!
**** : Command not found
% Whoami
The best times to rewt boilahs is late at night when no-one is
logged-in, cos in tha day, yew get users logged in to dowload water and
Eye will konitue with other examples next time!


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