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Killed My First Installation Of Vista64...

Teddy Rogers

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A couple of nights ago I killed my first installation of Vista64 and had to reinstall it. :(

Twas going so well up until then... :)


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well vista is so incompatible,slow and cant be compared to xp, only adventage is x64,dx10 but so far not many apps are x64, no debugers for x64, no masm,syser probably will die soon like softice, due they cant fix gf8800 crashing and dont support x64. only known x64 debuger is fdbg. next vista takes so much resources and is a total waste of space. can be striped to 6.5gb from 13gb with vlite.

i have both but so far use vista to backup and restore from rar my xp partition.

so far we can only hear jokes about it, network problems, play mp3 and you get 10% of your net speed, due incorrect priorities. everything is drm crapected. sound buffers,video surfaces.

copy of 23gb will take 133 days:P and even sp1 doesnt fix it. so for now vista isnt for me.

maybe 1 or 2 years when 64bit apps will be more popular, vista patched and compilers will create proper and fast code. so far crysis x64 works slower than x86 build.

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Lol! Now you should mention it, it was a network issue. I plugged my notebook in to my desktop which has the Vista64 installation via LAN then my wireless turned to crap and I couldn't connect to either computer via wireless or LAN. I'm not sure if it was to do with VMWare because I had just uninstalled it and didn't bother to reboot to complete uninstall. I do recall having a similar problem with an XP installation a long time ago after uninstalling VMWare. Anyway no matter how much tweaking, changing and flushing of network configuration, drivers, etc. I couldn't get past seeing other computers or a wireless network to connect to.

I reinstalled from a vLite copy of Ultimate I made some time ago which was stripped down to under half the orignal size of the Ultimate DVD. I don't even know why I bought a copy of Ultimate because most of the stuff on it is crap and I ended up stripping it all away with vLite :rolleyes:

However I still like Vista64 and certainly do not have quite a negative attitude on it... :)


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well to why buy vista ultimate? and why everybody have xp pro not home. due only ultimate gives you total control of vista, and you have more stuff that some day you can use. next it can handle more memory. with vlite you strip **** that every build has like sidebar, additional languages, chinise,korean,japanise that take 1.5gb for 4 languages with bushes instead letters, that nobody of us can read, and we dont need them to see correctly in IE. you strip media encoder, nobody uses wmv only virtualdub, nobody uses media player 11 only media player classic and winamp. this crap is every build and is useless. only codecs from them are needed and player engine that most players use. you also strip drivers that you dont use that take another 1gb, due you have newer drivers from net for mobo. and even dont use those on cd with mobo due they are always outdated. and why then keep them on dvd and then let install on hdd. so it will take 13gb instead of 6gb. needed drivers are inside and cant be uninstalled, those for ide,usb etc. and btw vista is new but still cant handle sata, you need to integrate drivers or put them on floppy. funny like hell. i dont have floppy. and what for are pendrives? cant ms**** imagine to use usb stick and install all newest drivers with sp1 from that? why cant they add it so i can put vga,audio,sata,net drivers on it and it will install them for me, instead manual install after vista.

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nobody uses media player 11

Well I do :o

btw vista is new but still cant handle sata

Really ? You got a link where to get those drivers and how integrate them ?

I bought a new SATA HDD and burner so I need to get that sorted before I notice it doesn't work when I've already formatted my old drive :-/

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just a line about vmware.. after uninstalling it asked me to reboot,

i refused and rebootet an hour later the result was unbootable windoze,

lucky for me i did a full restore point + backup day before..

Second thing was Hummingbird's Exceed (v.8 i think), its driver for

keyboard was not removed after compliting a full uninstall without

rebooting right a way (doing manual reboot later)..

So i guess its the same problem windows have in XP as well in Vista.

@Killboy: I think it shud work, in friends company new computers are

ordered, they shud ship with vista installed and have sata II mirror

drives. But best is to look at SATA manufacturer's site to make sure

and d/L eventual drivers you might need while installing..

BR, ChupaChu!

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I'm going to get myself Vista Ultimate 64-bit...but I will keep my XP 32-bit and dual boot Vista on a SATA drive. XP-32-bit on a 60GB IDE Drive and Vista-64-bit on a ~200GB SATA drive which I won't use that much....ask me why, I don't know. The only reason I could think off is to upgrade to 4GB of RAM, but that's already a waste of money. Everything I can do on Vista I can do on XP and probably even better :/

Let's see...UAC...Signed Drivers...Enforced Kernel protection...overall slower performance (maybe not on 64-bit software)...but we all have to upgrade sometime :happy:

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I've been running Vista x64 Ultimate for a while without major problems.

I find it actually better than XP x64.

I've got a SATA RAID array and a SATA burner that both work without compatibility problems.

If I remember correctly, I had copied the drivers on a floppy or USB key, as expected with any weird controller.

I think the drivers provided with Vista were more stable than the ones on the manufacturer's CD.

It wasn't as bad as making the old SCSI card work on NT4.

It is a one-time procedure anyway.

Windows Update works very well too to monitor driver updates, often the same day as their official release.

It saves time by not going on a driver hunt every few weeks.

For me, it was either XP x64 or Vista x64 and I chose Vista for their better driver compatibility.


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Windows Vista already updates your machine to the later drivers providing of course the hardware vendor supplies their drivers to Microsoft. Sometimes this is good and sometimes bad such as the latest Atheros drivers continually drop out the wireless connection every 5-10 minutes so I haven't been updating them for a while until the issue is fixed.

Out of all the Media Player versions and besides the Classic version I actually think version 11 is by far the best, it certainly does not seem quite so bloated as in previous releases and it feels a lot quicker.

About UAC and all those protection features that people keep complaining about being an issue and slowing things down... it can all be turned off! :sorc:


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media player classic is gabest build with skin like wmp 6.4, and can play mkv,x264,divx,xvid,dvd without additional programs only ffdshow codecs.

to uac, yes i disabled it but then you arent so secure as on xp without uac. for lamers its bad:P

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The new Media Player is perfect for "older persons" that are not computer-savvy and just bought their first mp3 player.

It makes thing ridiculously simple and easy to understand.

If you use it or not, it goes down to a personal choice.

If some people don't use Media Player now, they won't use it ever.

Why would Media Player make an entire OS bad?

UAC is great for "older persons" too.

There's a warning that they are about to enter a place or do something that could mess up their computer if they have no clue what they are doing there.

Like Teddy said, if it's not for you, simply turn it off.

I don't like the new swirling 3D desktop but ALT-TAB was also improved to display screenshots.

I like the gadget thingies too.

Question for Teddy:

How many times a day are you bothered by that nagging message preventing you to install unsigned drivers? ;)


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How many times a day are you bothered by that nagging message preventing you to install unsigned drivers? ;)

Erm... None! :bleh:


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Erm... None! :bleh:

That's exactly my point!

I don't know why there is so much bitching about that.

Since I've been running Vista x64, I've only seen 2 cases of that happening in commercial software:

Outpost Firewall and a Logitech BlueTooth driver.

If I have some custom ring 0 thing to try, I do it in a VM running XP, that's all.

The Vista-haters often remind me of broccoli-haters.

They hate it without having tried it.

Nobody's being forced to install Vista but M$ will stop supporting and updating XP very soon.

I can't remember the exact date but I think it is in 2008.


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Nobody's being forced to install Vista but M$ will stop supporting and updating XP very soon.

I can't remember the exact date but I think it is in 2008.

A quote from an article I once read:

Windows XP Home, Pro and Media Center will receive "mainstream support" until April 2009, including feature requests, security updates, hot-fixes and support.

When the mainstream support period expires, all three products will enter the five-year 'extended support' period.

Security updates and paid support will be offered during the extended support period, along with a hot-fix support agreement that users can purchase.

Official support for all three versions of Windows XP will end in 2014, 13 years after the first versions of the operating system were shipped.


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sorry but i have vista and dont use it, due why now. no software for it, no debuggers, all is so incompatible, will not run or crash after while.

unsigned drivers, you can enable to run them always, same as disabling uac. uac will not prevent older people from destroying pc. i dont think that runing winamp requires 1000 of question.

are you retarded?

are you sure you are not retarded?

well we think you are retarded due you installed our most crappiest OS!

this is scheme UAC works:P

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I think Vista has some cool new features I will certainly miss with XP...

Ever looked at the volume manager ? How cool is that compared to XP's crappy tool...

I'm sure I will disable the gadgets, I once installed the Yahoo toolbar and after 2 weeks of rarely using (noticing ?) it I uninstalled it because it was merely a waste of space...

Nice if you want it, even better if you don't ;)

Keep in mind that XP is 6 years older than Vista, I'm sure this is a good thing :?

Some people might not like it, but I love the explorer's new workflow, the programs menu and other stuff like the window preview when you hover the taskbar :)

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sure some thing are nice, like window preview, but i dont know why task switching,flip3D include empty desktop in tasks?

next aero it looks nice i have 350fps, and render of windows with vga should be faster, but xp is faster with cpu rendering. why? drmware again.

volume manager? what? there is already pqmagic that works under xp and in dos and is far better, and even with vista tool you cant change mounted partitions.

so far vista doesnt have anything that i need. explorer i dont think its ok, doesnt want to remember my settings. even save open windows have so big icons and take more space. what for this? i just want simple view when i open or save file like xp. next im admin and i can do ****, due all is owned by trusted installer. change owner to yourself to delete some crap and volume licensing doesnt run. and now comes best part, right click on my computer! oh it doesn run. run control panel, oh it doesnt run. only option left is reinstall. dont mention that windows have 2 backups of almost every exe and dll, kill winsxs and reinstall again, even keeps there old versions of dll's so why update with patches anyway. next its vista x64 so you have 2 media players x86 and x64, sorry i can understand dll's for x86 for compatiblity, but on x64 sys it should run and have x64 version only. even border gadgets that start by default after install are x64, so what for keep x86 version.

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Nobody's being forced to install Vista but M$ will stop supporting and updating XP very soon.

I can't remember the exact date but I think it is in 2008.


I really hope its not true, but its the only way to enforce vista to users who dont actually need it in next few years.

This period of time is an excelent oportunity for linux to get more popular on desktop computers ihmo..

BR, ChupaChu!

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ms**** will support xp to 2014, and they stop selling it in july 2008, maybe it will be extended, and to nobody forcing you to move to vista?

look at laptops every one has vista, hp even desnt have drivers for xp if you buy new leptop with vista. same thing do others! isnt this forcing?

what has vista? dx10 sorry crysis can have gfx of dx10 in dx9, even now they screw us in da *** to force us to move to dx10.1 like ati, due they think that way they beat nvidia.

dx10.1 has **** new features, already pixelshader 3.0 was improvement due loops and conditional jumps. nvidia was faster with dx10 and shaders 4.0. real improvemnt will be dx11 with physics and new 9800 cards from nvidia are still dx10 and will be not dx10.1. wanna dx10.1 full effects in xp do all in opengl. like carmack does and doesnt think to move to vista. all games work faster on xp.

current cpus and gpus arent so powerfull to handle fast gfx overbloated with drm before display. well dont let yourself scrwed. there was dsub, now dvi, there start to go out cards with hdmi now, and already we hear about displayport that is nothing more than hdmi just more built drm,aes256 coded signal from ati due hdcp is already cracked.

does anyone have lcd with hdcp? no! hdmi? no! and now another interface. this is really funny.

port than can handle only full hd over 3m max cable. there is better interface already used since many years, firewire or in 2010 usb 3.0

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Vista would bug me much more if I payed for OS. Vista brings absolutely nothing that a 2mb set of gadget utilities wouldn't offer, and they had to show that something happened by AGAIN (I hated XP for same reason) moving and renaming bunch of things so I have to relearn how to use Windows. I needed 10 minutes to find my network connections. Only thing I liked about it is calendar which I get with one click on tray clock :)

So basically, Vista brings nothing new to users and people are forces to update by not providing new software packages for XP.

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