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Get Spy Sweeper For Free, Thx To Buggy Website


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get it while it lasts....

Spy Sweeper is a adware kind of tool i think most of u know...

get it free from them incl key... :biggrin:

goto :http://www.webroot.com/activate

fill in some bogus info & spam mail address (remember lastname & email u used)

after that go : http://www.webroot.com/updates/redownload/request?id=H2-SUPPORT-DOWNLOADS

fill in the same email address and last name as u did in the other form.

they mail u the regkey and downloadlink to the program all for free....... :biggrin:

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let's throw in another one from them : http://sales.webroot.com/downloads/registered/links/wwsetup1_1.exe :biggrin:

Webroot Window Washer

What's New in Version 6.5

* Windows Vista Compatible

* Expanded application cleaning for over 470 3rd party programs

* Updated interface makes it faster and easier to keep your privacy

* Erases tracks of sites you've visited

* Removes thousands of unnecessary files

* Increases computer performance

* Securely removes files using government standards

* Highly rated by independent reviews

* Can be set to clean your computer on a regular schedule

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Anyone can get it.. it's all part of a UK Magazine CD promotion... free subscription for 12mths..

No hidden link, no faulty site.. but genuine free offer for millions of magazine purchasers..

Enjoy.. :P

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Hehe, that's cool. Anyway, interesting to know whether it's legal? So they could do nothing about blacklisting the unvoluntary offered keys. :> - I don't know how the rule was for setting deep links, I think that depends on the country, but I'm not that sure. :)

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Wow usually when magazines to promotions of something like this they have some sort of security code inside the magazine to enter on the website.

Didn't quite think this one through. But nonetheless, thanks for the free software! :)

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Glad to use the full version of spy sweeper not the cracked one


also you can use the full version of Snagit & Camtasia Studio in

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