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SnD Skull Design NFO


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I like it ! Tho the 'section bones' look a bit like balloons.

But maybe my nfo viewer sux :?

The skull rox !

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Looking good, esp for your first attempt. I know you were looking into all of the ASCII tools, which did you use to create this?

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Thanks for the comments!

The bones are probaly abit big, there actually the mustache flipped and put together, it made what looked like a bones with a little deleting (just fluke)

I used ascgen and nfo builder, but Ive started using ASCII Art studio instead of nfo builder as its better interface and for moving bits etc.

I find ascgen is the best tool to convert images and beats the others, I will try to explain exactly what I do but forgive me, as im not telling anyone how to do things (especially not you :worthy: ), as I am new to this and usually do things backwards, but it works for me! :biggrin:

I find a decent image and convert using ascgen with width of 80, you can usually tell if its going to look ok by deselecting auto ramp and selecting the last ramp on the drop down list ( looks like this [][][] ) squint abit or step back :wacko: , if it looks ok and you think it will work go back to ramps and select the top one on the list ( looks like MMMMMMWWWWW@@@@@@ ) to turn it back to looking like numbers and letter instead of grey scale.

Copy the image and paste it into nfo builder, now i usually use the 4 gray scales brushes to re-draw the image. It takes awhile and can give you serious stinging eyes especially if you smoke bud, (which I no longer do myself)

I have abit of a key which goes like this

funny looking @ only = black

capital letters and big characters including numbers = shade lighter

lower case letters and : ; = shade lighter

commas and full stops ...,,,, = lowest shade

this key should redraw an image and look pretty decent but sometimes you have to change the key slighty, also find it helps to go back to ascgen and use the last ramp again and put original image back into gray scale so you can keep swapping between programs and checking everthing is looking how it should.

I then save it as a nfo and open it with ascii art studio to add text, move things round and sort dividers etc.

And thats about it, thats how i do it but like i say probally is the mad way, but It works for me.

I just realised I wrote my first tutorial even if it is a little :wacko:

SnD you keep cracking....... I will stay cracked! :banana:

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hm i dont like it, but it may be just me.. it kind of reminds me CoaXCable's drawings that i dont like either.. i most of all prefer style used by guys in SAC and in some cases rather minimalistic approach..

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