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Tuts 4 You

Co-operative Game

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i got there with my 7th cursor .. :) very confusing.. ;) took me 3 times to work out .. hey that was the moves i made the last times.. lol

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I only get to the 12th floor or something, where there are 3 of those 'buttons'...

I managed to press all 3 of them, but nothing happens ??

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There is a button lower down (floor 4 or something) which needs to be pressed too :)

(Not the one around 6 or 7 which makes the stairs appear.

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So I have to press a button a few floors earlier which I can't see at that point ?

How the **** am I supposed to know ... ?

Nah, this is beyond me :x

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You have to have all buttons pressed at the same time (and clear all the pyramids).

I used my first cursor to clear all the pyramids until I had 100 left on the timer, then I go to the lower button and press it for the remaining time. That means that once I get my other cursors to the top ASAP, there is a large window for all 4 buttons to be pressed at the same time.

Cursor 2 then goes as high as possible as quick as possible and makes the stairs appear. Leave them on for 10 seconds or so and then clear out any remaining pyramids. Cursor 3 and over can then go to the vanishing stairs straight away and make their way to the top :)

Its simple really.... but I thought it was very clever!

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I managed to get to the top, at last :-/

100 Score, 3 cursors left, is that any good ? Sounds lousy to me :D

Anyway, it's a pretty clever game indeed. Once you get the hang of it, it's fun.

Unfortunately I didn't ;)

BTW No need to click the pyramids ? I left them alone, and still got it done...

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That game is crazy.

I like it.

I didn't manage to get on the 16 floor. :thumbsup:

I like most of those flash games. Imho, the best.

Btw, I am a full member now. :worthy:


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I managed to get to the top, at last :-/

100 Score, 3 cursors left, is that any good ? Sounds lousy to me :D

Better than I did - only had 2 left. I did click all pyramids though! :P

@kaksii, congrats on being a full member :)

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Really .. I don't Like Flash Games

I Failed to Reach 3rd Floor :blink:

But ... My elder brother insisits to play when seeing it -= While I Was Working =-

He managed to Reach 15th Floor but can't finish it

by the way he is 13 years old


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