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snd -5thbirthtro-


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snd -5thbirthtro-

SnD 5th Birthday 64k Cracktro:

This baby was coded on (/for) newer hardware.

So it might try to suck out your cpu & gfx card (higher loss of frames).

This means, that it might look like flickering sh!t on older boxes !

NOTE: As the 64k version is packed with ANDpakk2,

which doesn't run on some boxes,

I've included an UPacked version.

Have some phun ;>

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Teddy Rogers
You do not have access to this section of the site.

What? :D

Oops! Seems some settings were not configured correctly. Fixed... :thumbs:


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i don't like the startgfx
I suck at photoshop, but EclipTic was too busy at that time.

So I had to use my ****ty try ^^

And that's why I didn't write "GFX BY ECLIPTIC", but "3D&FONT BY ECLIPTIC"..

to make it clear, that he didn't create that opening pic in a bad mood or something :happy:

Thx for the comments !

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