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Ansii Artwork


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Hi all

Can anyone tell me what the best program is to use to make ANSII artwork???

Im using NFO Builder is there anything better than this??

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I have both NFO Builder and ASCII Art Studio... I like ASCII Art Studio better for the user interface, but they both do the same job and it's just an opinion. I've also used Magic ASCII Studio... it might be worth trying.

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Thanks guys

some good software there. They remind me of this online tool ive been using only with lots more options and 10 times better.


Turning normal images into ASCII art is good and works great but im struggling to turn into a valid nfo as the image changes in different packages. quess i need abit more practice using these and knowledge of making nfo`s.

Thanks again

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After some practice I managed to make my first valid nfo :D


Although the skull looks like his mustache has fell off! needs release info under it to solve that I think.

Edited by free4life
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like his mustache has fell off!
Yea, I exactly thought so, before I read ur comment ^^

Keep on.. I'm curious :)

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ASCII Art Generator 3.2.2

ASCII Art Generator v3.2.2


ASCII Art Generator is an amazing text art generator. It allows you to convert

any digital picture into a full-color or black & white text style easily and quickly.

You'll be blown away by how cool, fun, and easy it can be with ASCII Art Generator.

Take a picture, select the format, and hit the 'Conversion', an impressive text art

is perfectly done.

What makes it unique - ASCII Art Generator allows combining power of your thoughts

with graphics art, as well as giving the images a very nice texture. You can type

in any message for any mood in the exported file, and let your picture say what you

want it to read. For instance, it's really a cinch to produce a red rose composed

of 'I love you'. From a distance it looks like a unique, cool artwork, but up close

you'll find a colorful text readable as 'I love you'.

Looking for a different software to create interesting artwork? Then have a go at

turning your photos into text-based images with ASCII Art Generator...


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Thanks blah

Been doing some more and added them to the gallery.

Also updated the skull and sorted his mustache out! :biggrin:




will do some more soon and add them straight to the gallery instead of posting here!

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  • 3 months later...


ASCII Art Studio is a powerful ASCII Art editor. It allows you to make your own ASCII Art quickly and easily.

You can use this tool to make cool Email signatures, as well as add creative text graphics to plain text documents.


Support text editing and graphic editing.

Intelligent freehand drawing.

Create Big Text using any installed fonts.

Convert between pictures and ASCII Art.

Print ASCII Art.


Easy used characters panel.

Flip and Rotate selection.

Multiple undo and redo.

Shell integration.

Visual Studio .NET-like user interface.

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Who could forget The Draw? It's one of the original editors and more complex than newer folks will be used to, but it does a lot more!

.-= LINK! =-.

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