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H2o Past And Future V1 0 Internal Merry Xmas-air


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H2O Past And Future v1 0 Internal MERRY XMAS-AiR

H2O.Past.And.Future.v1.0.Internal.MERRY.XMAS {

▀ ▀



SIZE ......: 07 * 4,77MB

DATE ......: 12/2007

H2O - Past and Future is an internal

production just for the fun of it

Lean back and enjoy !!!

Installation Notes :


1) Unzip, Unrar and run H2ODemo.exe

2) Enjoy !!!

Special Note :


As H2O promised to do one last release and mentioned

that it's not gonna be a super audio application.

AiR proudly presents this final Release!!

Although the release is overdue for more then a year,

we still think it's worth the wait.

Comment from H2O members :

"It's a tribute to the last decade of Pro Audio

Release Groups. As far as we know this has never been

done before and it shows how much the members are


It's a journey in time for those who have been there

from the beginning :

Radium, which are legends in their time and still

are. Thats the luck for being the first!! Soon to be

followed by groups like OxyGeN, ZONE, PARADOX and

ArCTiC. Where rivalty was a hot topic in those days.

But as it was good rivalty and most people knew each

other for years it merged all together to form H2O.

For the future all is in good hands as we have seen

and we hope the scene will go on for years....

Also one tip : don't collect but make music!!......"

Some info for the demo :

All graphics has been coded in opengl.

All music written by H2O except for the classic part

(PLASTIC rip ...check out their demos)

All music produced using the tools shared by the

Audio Groups.

For those with older ATI graphic cards ......though


It probably will not run smooth as ATI sux on opengl.

posted as an app in respect of a great group who brought us so much with monumental efforts involved. This is NOT an application of any kind but a piece of work created on some of the great programs they brought us over the years. Enjoy

WOW is all i got to say.....its longggg....but worth checking out till the very end.. :) (it will shut itself down)








Happy Holidays all


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please uplod on here... i've searching this long time ago. n i cannot down from Rapid,hope you or another member can reupload for me.thanks so much.

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For those with older ATI graphic cards ......though luck!

It probably will not run smooth as ATI sux on opengl.


Yay, after hearing that from a pro, I feel much better now -

tho it's still a lame excuse for not getting it fully compatible :rolleyes:

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Good demo! Some bits were a bit dragged out and repetitive but overall it was good. Excellent for a first demo!

I didn't have a problem running it on my ATI card and I've never had other problems with any other OpenGL demos and games...


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Ahm ... this should be a demo? 4 real?

- Images are jpeg files

- Sounds are 192kbps (!!!) mp3 files

- Texts are in TXT files

Ya, i can't do it better, sure. But i know, that this is none ... :dots:

I unpacked the resources from it, so you can browse through it if ya want. Sure, the music isn't bad and the gfx are cool to. But a demo? Never!


greetz SCORPiON

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@Teddy: Remind yourfself to kkrieger, a whole game with amazing graphics. But anyways:

The demoscene is a computer art subculture that specializes in producing demos, which are non-interactive audio-visual presentations run real-time on a computer. The main goal of a demo is to show off programming, artistic and musical skills.

Any of that included? No? ... So ... that isn't a demo. Sorry, but it's the fact. We should call it a memorypack teddy, but not demo, ok? :)

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Lol! By those terms of the statement I can't argue that it is a true and proper demoscene demo but I still liked it anyway, demo or not... :)


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Come on, SCORPiON. Many Demos are such binaries.

I'm just remember to variform by kewlers: Music (MP3), Pics (JPGs), additional stuff in realtime. :^

Isn't it the same?

There are organized competitions for demos, which classify them as belonging to one of three subsets:

* Intro 4k, which is fairly basic and generally has no music

* Intro 64k, which has no restrictions other than size

* Demo, which may contain any possible media.

Demos are the work of computer enthusiasts who often spend many days (or even weeks or months) creating a demo that may not have any external motivation (such as money, or acclaim in the broader world).

(taken from: http://whatis.techtarget.com/definition/0,...557356,00.html)

Edited by cond0lence
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@condolence: You know what i tried to explain :) I didn't say that this compilation is bad, but in my eyes no demo. Maybe i've looked to much farbrausch to make my statements as hard as they are :D

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Maybe.. ^_^ yeah, I think we need no discussion about oldskool and newstyle or whatever..

Anyway, thx for the rip. The demonstration runs a bit too fast that I had the idea capturing it with kkapture,

but now I can look in the resources.

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