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Prepare...happy X'mass To All Member And Moderator


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three day left we will on christmass..time to prepare this holy day..just wanna say

Happy X'mass to all member and moderator... hope have a nice day, everyday... :rolleyes:

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Thanks mate, happy christmas to you too and your family!!

happy christmas for all my friends and all forum members of course ;) enjoy it.......

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Merry Christmas :)

Maybe you all get a new Olly for X-Mas :secret: Because you've been such good boys (and girls!) :rolleyes:

Otherwise, I hope you don't get spanked that much :busted_cop:

And a happy new year :drunk: , hopefully it's as good as this one, or even better =)

Didn't find good places to put these, so here they are in no particular order:

:cold2::rudolph::clown: (Rudolph ?) :wheelchair: (that must be Santa or Johny Knoxville)

Give the cracking and hacking ( :type: ) a rest for a few days!

That post pretty much pushed my 2007 emoticon quota to the max, had to make up for all the other months of not posting lol

SND FTW !!! :1a:

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finally the day has come...after wait three day before....happy x'mass, happy HOLY day without sex,crime,or someting bad but reversing still good to do for this x'mass and this new years :lol:

happy x'mass and prepare for happy new year 2008. wish you joy in the reverse....

teddy : i've checked forum calender, and thanks so much for your gifts, happy x'mass for your family too.

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Merry X-Mas from my side!

Have your self a nice holiday and just enjoy every bit of it with people you like as its to damn long until next one ;)

BRm ChupaChu!

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