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Rambo 4...

Teddy Rogers

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LMFAO... I knew it was in production but if the trailers are anything to go by its going to be hilarious :lol:

Official John Rambo Trailer

John Rambo


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For those who haven't previously enjoyed Sylvester acting genius, heres a recap of all 6 Rocky films..... in 23 seconds.


EDIT: completely unrelated but it made me laugh : Titanic:


OH man those are a riot!!

......this ship cann't sink.......blub blub...........the end.......

When that first came out, I said to the SO.......do you know what the story is about.......she's like......loooove......

I'm like nope.......ship sinks.......the end

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and I thought id put some wheight on over xmas!

rambo 1 was the first ever movie I saw, I remember it well as it was when videos first came out and where called Betamax.

eeeee them where the days!

DONT PUSH ME!!!! :boxing:

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movie is amazing, so brutal and great. special effects are just killing

Just seen it! It is good and typical Rambo film. The trailer doesn't do it justice but then I guess they had to tone it down. Definately isn't one to watch if you don't like blood and gore, they went all out in this one... :thumbs:


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