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Angel Swords - VBA


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File Name: Angel Swords - VBA

File Submitter: Bluegirl

File Submitted: 7 Dec 2007

File Updated: 7 Dec 2007

File Category: dUP Skins

hi there....junior it's here.... ;)

i wanna share my small gfx work on dup patcher skin. i know that skin not perfect but hope it will help you. on my skin still have a little glitch. maybe next release i will fix it.... hope i not wrong post here and cause i'm new here and this my first post, admin will help me bout this and explain for me how the best share on this great forum....

i make this skin just special for seek n destroy.you can see it on my skin, but anyone can use it.

just it....thank so much...

download it on attachement....

NB : Teddy roger.... i like your tutorial...please continue more on flv movie tutorial.thx ;)

Click here to download this file

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now, thats a real hotty :D

thx if you like it...but i've done with another fix to remove glitch....and fix a big mistake.... hope u don't find it.... ;) thanks

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Topics merged.

Bluegirl, I edited your original contribution in the Downloads area by reuploading the FIXED version, there is no need to create a new Download :thumbs:

Oh! And nice sword... :P


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Bluegirl ? I presume you a girl (from your nickname).. have no problem with that :P but.. why put a sexy girl on a skin ? is the whole world turning g** !!?

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< Teddy Rogers > thank so much for your help, i'm just wanna ask you to del my archive before but you've quick action to do it... very impress i like to clean web too.. so th so much.

< JetCodE! > actually this id from my girlfriend, but now i take it. andi i dont know how change my id. and 1000% i'm a guy and still love girl.

and to all, thanks if you like that sword...hope it's not hurt you all... :rolleyes:

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i dont know how change my id

This is where an admin can help... :^


oh....thank so much... so i not needed make a new account....can admin change my id ? how it works ? PM me please.. i wanna share my work on here...and thx so much for your attn and your help. ;)

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Just tell me the name you want to use on this forum, you don't need to do anything else...


respect to ted... can you change Bluegirl to Vi2DoubleYu please ? thank so much your help.

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Glad that you got your name worked out :P

As Teddy said, Nice Sword!!! I like your gfx, and think that overall you've done a good job.

I've a few comments for you that might help you with future skins - or might not? First, this skin's edges make it very tough to get a good region file. If you run your example exe on a bright backround it looks perfect, but put it on a dark background and - well, it's not so good. When putting together a dUP skin it's best to keep sharp edges. By using edges consisting mostly of straight lines, you'll get a nice region that looks good against any background. My other comment is about the buttons. I had to guess where the exit button was. dUP supports mouse over buttons, and I think it's a good feature for a skin to include em ;) .

Good work, looking forward to more.

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<EclipTiC> thx your comment. i really need it for next my release..yes i got prob bout the edges to get good region files.just try and try i cannot count it again until look a good. and bout button, next time i wil make it clear. and thank you your comment and wait your comment for another release. :)

<ante0> thank you if you like it.

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