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Why Does Avg Register All These "viruses"?...


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Kinda annoying when it registers a UPX unpacked file as Dropper.Small.

But only in the unpacked, not the original packed file. lol

Also it finds "PePatch.AR" which I also bet is harmless.

Anyone know a AV that doesn't warn me all the time?

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Test November 2007


Anti-Virus Comparative August 2007


In the case you get false positive there is maybe a setting to add it to your ignor list.

I had a run through my tool directories these days, just to log the hamless onces.

The last BitDefender warned me the entire RLPack series (up to 1.19) looks suspecious.

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I assume you mean MSLRH ;)

Well, my KAV license expires in about 1 month...KAV are beta-testing a new version of their AV, if it doesn

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Little speed improvements, less problems with deleting virii and malware (sometimes it claims about a restart is needed etc. and when you close the message it restarts automatically although it shouldn

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