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JC!'s chips collection.


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File Name: JC!'s chips collection.

File Submitter: JetCodE!

File Submitted: 26 Nov 2007

File Category: Chiptunes

Hey buddies..

Some poeple suggested so.. and here it goes, some of my top rated chipz.. even some that you might jus wanna listen to, coz they're above 50kb. Anyway..

N.B: they're not my work, so don't credit me as the SFXer.. some people already made that mistake :(


Click here to download this file

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No problem guys.. a pleasure.

I have a collection of +4000 chipz, and sometimes I play them using JetAudio.. whenever I hear a cool music (if paying attention), I spot it and add it to the top collection.. so, I might keep updatting this post ;)

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