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Cheerz Bro !!! What to comment on this stuff ???

Its a real professional stuff !!! A Clean Cut !!!! Gud work brother !!!

Go with it !!! Seeing ur workz afte a long time... get back in action !!!

Wannna see more from you !!! u really rockzzz !!!

greetz 'db'

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Cool. I think in this template somehow everything's better placed,

than in the keygen template. Perfect... but the only thing I didn't get, is the font

of the status texts like "/Target Program:".... their font looks kinda crippled by an

unlucky resizement or something :?

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sry for offtopic...

btw Ufo-Pu55y are you active in rin.ru O_o ?
I knew that board, but never regged there. Don't tell me, somebody uses my nick :o :?
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That font is called "Advocut".. I have no idea what does that mean.. but I like it.. though, if you guys all are conspiring against this little poor cool font.. I'm not gonna keep it on my HDD.. I don't like trouble :(

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Nice work JC! ;)

I have to say that I agree with the others about that font, but overall the skin is very well put together. I esp like the large "SND" Text. Also, the mouse over effects add some nice color variations.

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The font is officially kicked outta my HDD.. LOL

Thanks Ecliptic.. for the colors.. you're the freak.. I can't imagine how do you choose them.. Just amazing!

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