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Abdul`s Dup2 Test Skins


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Very simple and clean. Good job on your first skin:)

please review the "posting tips" for this forum category (at the top of the page). We appreciate if you could upload future images to our gallery instead of imageshack.

Looking forward to more... :)

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Yeah Ecliptic.. It Looks Kool !!!

For a first timer is very much impressive... Clean, Simple and Neat !!!

The colors are little Eye shooter but still i had fell some variety !!!

Keep Up the work dude !!! Want to see more stuffs !!!

Greetz 'db'

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There's not much to add I guess...

Mainly you're wasting too much space, if you strip unused space it looks more compact. Small stuff is always better (if it's done correctly ;) ), but it shouldn't look like squeezed either ;)

I think the OK button from the about box should fit the other buttons from the main dialog...

One last suggestions: Avoid using borders / edges around labels (the Windows style borders you can set inside the resources), they just don't go with the comic (?) style

Other than that, great result for a very first try!

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Wow, thank you for the kind words. I rarely open the setting/skinning section of DUP2 and that was the one time i tried it and also used the RGNCreator. The skin is low res tho.

Anyway if i come up with something else i`ll post it. And this time i`ll try to put some effort :) not only for testing dUP :)

Thanx again.

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Wow. Great improvement from the first one!You have nicely blended the middle box. The design in back is cool,have you made that in photoshop?


The background is a part of abstract 3D wallpaper.

I have two more ideas for skins and will make them when i get some free time.

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@ Abdul

Yeah another gud work !! but next time u try a skin try to look more on the edges... ad try to create skins that have less curves b'coz while using rgn creator it sucks ur transperant region... coz.. edge pixelling is a hard job... i would say better you try more with rectangular skin (square type skin, with little curves.. just take a look at my last skin : Weather Breeze).. !! its just an advise, but if u r dare tak dat mission, den its ok !!!

Look at d background thing, its like a net. so it looks great wen u make it like net, net like transperancy !!! single dot transperancy... on this one it looks a bit rough.. so i wold say u just fill up dat background, and give it some other designs...

Still Its a good try brother !! Dont take my comments in negative meaing.. I just pointed out soomething i feel crunchy !! dats all.. You can do more far better brother !! Keep up work brroo!!! Looking forward to more stuffs !!!

@ Oricode,

Yeah der is some brushes in photoshop to do dat kind of stuffs.. I have it a long time ago... but lost it wen last time my HDD crashed...

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@ Abdul

Hey :) thank you for your advices. I lost most of my time with the borders and the RNG thingie in all the skins. Still searching for good technique tho .. its a real bitch ;/.

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Abdul, If you are playing with photoshop, den i will help you !! This is my self easy trick to create RGN, i dont know u also create rgn like this !!! i think this will be helpful to someone !!!

Make your background White.. I mean the initial first layer color...

After finishing your work... Merge all the layers (Ctrl+shift+E)... Except the background layer, For that hide background layer and select any other layer then click ctrl+shift+E..

Now u have 2 layers, background and work done layer... Background layer is white already... Select the second layer and Hit Ctrl+L, then the level window will popup... In that the output level will be "[ 0 ] [255]"... Make it to "[ 0 ] [ 0 ]" or drag the dragger to the far left... Now your Second Window will be completely black.. Now save the file in the desired format that you want...

Now open the file in RGN creator, then select the transperant color as white.. or enter the Red, Green, Blue Color as 255, 255, 255... Now the creator creates an RGN file with transperancy for white, dat means only black portion is highlighted...

If you are a little familiar with photoshop, then you can undersand the above stuff easily... It wont take as much time as i described here..

-=[ Note : if it is an irregular shape, hide background layer, Hit Ctrl+Shift+E, merge all working layers, Hit Ctrl+A (Select All), Ctrl+C (Copy It), Click File >> New, Hit Ctrl+V (Paste it).. Then Hit Ctrl+L... Make the worked layer black.. Den save it !!! ]=-

Abdul... Try it brother !!!

The OCEAN skin is really Nice !!! Gud Work !!! That close button and patch button, i saw it somewhere else before... Nice color... I love Sky blue !! And also the packing of the stuffs !!!

Greetz 'db'

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Damn, i love sky blue too, lol.

Thank you ... i do everything on Photoshop and i almost do the same with the .rgn files. I`m gonna try that trick next time.

PS. The close button is Vista`s default, because the GUI was intended to be vistalike at the beginning and the Patch button is just a gradient with some dodge and borders. I have a bunch of buttons on styles and i did put these there long time ago lol. I knew it ... they`ll come in use some day. Greetz, bro!

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Hey can anyone please tell me the ful tut on how to create the skins for dup,because i have never done gfx before usually i like cracking and use the pre-made skins.Please tell me

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