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How To Add Your Own Code Into A Program

Guest quantumfusion

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Guest quantumfusion

How do i inject my own code into a program without anti-virus detecting it as a virus.I run a private server , but i need someone to teach me how to integrate my anti-hacking software into the game client.

I would pay people to do that for me.

Add me on msn if your interested in this job. Admin@lanjiao.org

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What you are looking to do is called inline patching. As said above a code cave (Empty place in the program) is needed.

Basically you intercept a jump. Here is an example:

Normal program:

jmp 123456


jmp 654321 < Replace the original jump with this

654321: Our injected code here and then...

jmp 123456 < We tell the program to jump to where it was going before we patched.

This isnt as easy as it sounds, but can be done to most apps. There are several tuts on how to do this. A bit of trial-and-error should get you through. :)

NOTE: Rember that the registers (EAX,EBX,etc..) may be changed by your injected code so you will have to push them onto the stack at the beginning and pop them off at the end of your injected code.

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Guest quantumfusion

hmm but is it really feasible to code a hacking check program with ASM . Sounds like a year of job to do lol.

Any way to inject a vb program or c++ ?

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how do i do that ? any tutorial to help a newbie ?

Do you know how to code a basic .DLL? If not it would probably be best to pick up on some basic coding skills...


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