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Rapidshare Premium Account !

Guest majika

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Sup Ya'll,

Its my first post and probs the most n00b'est post ever but still going to ask about it.

I have recently just purchased a RS Premium account for 1 year (12 months) what the big deal with them it seems like i been ripped off?

I have heard that you are allowed to download up to 25GB /week so if I download 25GB in the first 3 days then for the next four days I cant down jack ****e? (Is this true / has anyone else heard of this?)

Also I can create my own folders and upload my own warez etc I get some sort of points for none RS.com Premium users who download off of me what are the points for?

Also one last thing I don't suppose a Premium account is worth anything to this group is it ?

Like I aint going to give to admin priv's or anything but I will most certainly set you up some folders for upload if it works like that.. Let me know about this (PM's or whatever) :unsure:

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I don't think it is a rip-off if you take the time to read what you are paying for before you pay for it. Most of the questions you are asking are in the FAQ which is also mentioned in your Premium Zone:


If I recall correctly (please correct me if I am wrong) you are allowed to download 5GIG a day which I think is fair enough unless your really in to hammering warez. But if your after hardcore warez Rapidshare is going to be much faster than most other distribution methods unless you know of a very good private distro. There are not many places where you can pull down files at the speeds and ease at which Rapidshare give...


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True enough regarding the FAQ's but i was under the impression that it could be used as a sort of FTP dump like access to Streamlord kind of dump where I can setup my own Distro site (Kind of) but it looks as if all the users who download off of my folder/account has to wait for that stupid timer (Unless your a premium user i guess)

But my initial offer of hosting your stuff (not that you probably need one) is out of the question then as anyone can create their own folder etc and set it up like that i guess.

Well hey at least I offered, LOL :)

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btw i too converted to a premium account about 3 weeks back.

this account has some 10 Gb Direct traffic free with it.

since my account will be goin to be over in a week's time,, is there any better way i can utilize it or help some1 with dat.

I think dats only for files which i will upload into that account, is it rht?


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