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Peter Answers Every Query Of Yours


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While i was online today for quite time on a chat rooms across yahoo chat client, which is rare.

Here is something a old pal of mine sent me..


He said , its a virtual kinda tarot which is powered by a soul healer who has contact with souls... :unsure:

it is supposed to answer any of ur queries , prerequisite being questions asked in proper format as in instructions.

Also he said the image which is there close to the main title is supposed to a 4 image pic, which shows those images if some one remains focused on dat and the query one is asking.

Thou i was not able to see any new images in at small image but still, i tried asking few questions and 1 being related to my mine to be g.f. :P but answers comin of dat seem to be bit guided.

Does any one know abt dat and what r d chances that its real or what??

Plz try out and put ur views here. :)

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I havent manage to get him to answer any of my questions, ranging from 'Who's your daddy' type stuff to serious questions like 'Where is my dead father now',...

Wonder why they don't take your money, prolly because it simply doesn't work :x

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total crap

Insert petition: Peter answer:

Insert question: Why my girls doesnt swallow?

Peter answers: You don't believe in me.

i think he is retarded and have jesus complex:P

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Petition: Peter, please answer:

Question: What is the meaning of life?

Answer: please answer

That is as good a reply as your question though.

Still a stupid answer, eventhough my question was stupid too... I thought he would know, since he answers EVERY query.

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Great Queries BombArded ON PETER... :P

Think, he may be thinkin of stalling d site works for a while till he asks his gf tooo for d answers :D


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