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U Guys Believe In Ufos?


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hey all..im been doing a system cleaning tonight and actually watching tv..larry king is on and its all about ufos,etc...

even jimmy carter thinks he saw one,etc...

whats your guys take on this stuff these days???

i ran across a cool vid on youtube a week or so ago and it was very interesting..ive read lots of stuff over the years and do believe that humans arent the only thing living in the galaxies (which as we know theres many many more unexplored.)

just curious to see what you guys all think...

heres the youtube vid i mentioned..its over 1 hour long!! (i wasnt aware that utbue can host such long clips)..what makes it very good is the fact that all the people on this vid worked for the government,etc,etc,etc...




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They say you don't believe until you see. And yes I believe in UFO's cuz I have seen them. When I was like around 17-18 years, me and my friends from university went on a two day camp in Northern India(near the mountain,Himalayas).We were returning late to our camp on our bikes the first day and at around 3 in the night, we saw something which most of us thought was due to some hallucination. But one guy took the videos too, we gave the footage to a local Science centre. No one seemed to care on that topic, but still... And ya, we were all Science students, so we had to think thrice before actually giving that footage away!

The UFO was not something you imagine(like those saucers etc..), but it was emitting a very strong laser kind of beam(no sir! it was not an aeroplane..), flying very low and the sound was too less. Its structure was something,which according to our science should not fly! It was a flat "cubish" kind of thing.Before we guys could think what we saw...it vanished in air. I still wonder where did that come from, because the area 50 kms from the place of our camp is a no-fly zone.

And about extra-terrestrial life, I am not sure about it.. but maybe this article about an Earth-like planet catch your attention..


I would like to know what others think on this topic.


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First of all i've say l havent seen the videos but i'm saying what i believe about ufos and aliens.

I'm firm beliver of ufos and alien life forms and their influence on humans race and civilizations.

I'm believing in alien life forms and ufos bacause of many many reasons. The entire universe we see or we cant see is created around 14 billion years ago. And can anyone argue that only earth had the potential to create life forms in all thsese years ?. Second there are billions of millions of stars and billions and billions of galaxies are present in the universe. And even if we consider one satellite for one star we can imagine(!) the possibility of a creating or sustaining life in any one of them, can't we ?. Third, all the matter we see in the universe was first created during big bang or just after that including our body elements our rocks and even our water. These elements are present everywhere in the universe and we can surely imagine that if these elemets can create life in earth(?) they can or they mave created life on other planet too.

Our intelligence is only 12000 years old. And if there is a life form out there which had millions of years of intelligence, there is every chance that they might have created ufos and they searching for other life form just like we do. Time and space is not at all a problem for such intelligent life forms.


And i'm a firm believer of the argument that humans might had got some helps/tips from aliens or some of us are aliens or aliens offsprings. Because there is huge step forward for human race from prehistoric caveman to a modern man around 10000-5000 BC. I don't think we can't do such a change without an external help considering the fact that we havn't changed not much after that. With all the respect to Egyptians i believe that they might had got some helps from aliens in creating those pyramids.

Concluding i believe there is life in the unknown depth of the universe and they have their ufos and we may one day will make contact with them.


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Well. UFO's,

i think they do exist and inspite of many viusla probs or so called hallucinations too, there r more in news.

@blah, thou i havnt seen dat very video abv. but i hav always been amazed to see hear and see and read about these ufo's.

i have seen many series on discovery and quite a stuf on net.


yes man i agree wid u. its not possible dat every guy at same time suffered hallucination (thou chances r there)

Esp if dats a no fly zone also.

if u can can provide that video sample to me 2, i would be happy. :)

Most of the time investigators r of the view after research dat all experiences of such stuff are just self made or say fiction as people who report those are either under stress, tension or mental probs or visual probs, or

as we all know electronic capturing stuff likle cams (esp digital stuff), video recorders,etc stuff is supposed to gather much more than our eyes see, so many a times, false shadows, beams r created esp when they r moved instantly after a capture has taken place ( like in case of capture og ghostly stuff in pics)

BUT STILL , a many case r still left where things r unexplainable and where there is no above evidence.

AND me also being a science student AGREE totally that stuff dat like exists FOR SURE ...!

AND PEOPLE DENYING DAT R JUST OVER CONFIDENT about their only existence in this universe.

JUST THINK. what we know about this universe or even solar system or even earth.

On EARTH, evne we r not able to explian stuff , what to talk of extraterrestrial stuff of this huge, unknown sized, universe about which we dont know an iota stuff.

Why cant other planets like earth exist in such a huge space which has more than trillion stuff?

Why cant living creatures more superior than humans exist in such a huge space? , when its a fact that live originated first in the form of MICROBES ONLY and then we evolved slowly from apes.

why cant be more evolved stuff in this huge space? WHY?

THATS MORE THAN ENOUGH to easily think dat more life forms will be there extraterrestrially and MAY BE IN EVEN in our solar system only as its also not as small we think of.


JUST THINK , the Smallest molecule ATOM has a central nucleus , with electrons revolving round it. AND NOW THINK ABOUT , the Largest Stuff known, galaxies -- Same symmetry of Central big star and small planets revolving round it.

PLZ I WOULD like to know views of all of u abt the above!

i know , may b i m gettin more off topic , but just think,

For an small example. Ants are known to have so organized work just like humans. they live in societies, work collectively, everything is organized. This means they hav brain/ at least sense of organisation/logic, isnt it?

Still so they know of us or humans being existent ...? NO WAY.

Same way we think humans r the masters , bit we aint . WE DONT KNOW ANYTHING BEYOND OUR HORIZON!

We think only we r here , inspite of such a HUGE , GIGANTIC SPACE AROUND

Most of those people who boast of nothing such stuff , r just mad and dont hav any kinda imaginative mind.

Everyday Discoveries r made and things invented , this proves that humans are always learning and no way close to master of universe whom we name "GOD" for d time being! :)

Ufo's r definitely either remotely guided or driven by those unknown creatures, who r OF COURSE SUPER-HUMANS, as far as their mental power is concerned.( abt physical properties i m not sure as i think physical power has only decreased over the evolution, as ucan see in case of humans etc)

Of course there r people out here, who keep on spawning rumours abt these, may be 2 run some kinda business or what i dont know, dat ads to these stories and presence of doubt in these stuff.

And of course , govts like there in d states (where a special zone is there, don remember d name rht now) will try to stop such rumours as this is definitely goin to add fear among general public.

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The faith in UFOs is something I lost over the ages like all other theories about planets, who could have the optimal requirements like the earth for intelligent lifeforms.

Blah, you should watch "contact" I love this scene where this Alien explains Alley why humans thinking about that:

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Well the following sounds quite amazing... Thou d author is also undecided :(


THIS WHOLE TOPIC IS SUCH a Big & Unimaginable thing , dat Even if one is thinkin rht at one time, will be thinkin da other way after some time .....Goin by all the possibilities we have Regardin these things.

May god Help those, who r Putting their all effort researching these cases :):thumbsup:

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cheers DMW for the news.... :)


No i do not believe in UFO. I watch a lot of science related documentaries and what I can conclude that life does not exists in any nearby galaxies.

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cheers DMW for the news.... :)


No i do not believe in UFO. I watch a lot of science related documentaries and what I can conclude that life does not exists in any nearby galaxies.

by your name im assuming you also think wrestling is real... :lol: jk


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Its an object, it is flying, you do not know what it is. By definition that is an unidentified flying object. Interplanetary travellers are a different matter altogether. Being an alien myself I am inclined to obfuscation and say that they do not exist. :D

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