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Vista Ultimate X64 Review– Is The 64-bit Playground Worth It?

Teddy Rogers

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In this article, we will examine the pros and cons of migrating to Microsoft’s 64-bit Operating System. Some of the rumors and myths going around about 64-bit are scary; these myths are slowing the migration of many users to the 64-bit playground. Why do we all have 64-bit processors these days that aren’t being put to use? Read more to see my surprising conclusion.



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well to be ohnest what we get from 64bit vista?

yet! nothing.

1st olly doesnt run, we need odbgadvanced plugin fix for 64bit to debug anything. on olly close there is crash

2nd vista is bigger due duplication or triplication of drivers 32 and 64bit

3rd some games dont run on 64bit, like lostplanet so no dx10:P

4th some apps doesnt work due virtualization, like advanced system optimizer it supports vista but not 64bit so there is no registry optimizer or defrager due it doesnt see 64bit registry(yes its virtualized in registry you have copy of for example HKLM/software for 64bit) and it likes to ****up like hell, and scanner will end in endless loop, searching for errors in registry

5th crysis. oh yeah we all will love that ****. newest benchmarks show that 32bit version is faster than 64bit, that is total joke. well there are to possibilities crytek is full of total screwups or vs2005 is ms**** screwup and cant generate proper faster 64bit code:P

6th there are drivers for nvidia and ati but still we can consider them as alpha not even beta

7th there is no directsound3d or eax in vista so we need to wait for dx10.1 or you will have only stereo

8th games on vista run 20% slower than on xp even in dx9

9th no softice,syser is for vista but only 32bit, and still unstable or BSOD


well thats why i have both but sit 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of time on xp

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Yea, for reversing, stick with ol 32bits :)

Or you could use IDAx64, I tested it on WinXP64, worked fine.

But drivers and such for 64bit is hard to find, especially for older hardware :P

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What is reversing like on 64-bit platforms?

My video #5 coming out this week deals with disassembling x64 files with IDA.

You will "see" exactly what it is like.


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