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The Maddie Story

Guest P43

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Okay you might all have heard the story about Maddie. I have some facts about this story, first off all it doesnt sound logic. Her parents said that they stole Maggie from the room where she was sleeping with her relatives when her parents went out. Of course this always happen ONLY when the parents arnt home.

So why would some one pick up only Maddie if there are others to pick out?

At the beginning they claimed that some Italian pedo (no not 0x87k just kidding), kidnapped her. Ok then what? Nothing, I havnt heard anything about the fictive italian kidnapper. Why because he simply DOESNT excists. Even if he did kidnap here, why isnt this story closed then?

And now they say that they have seen Taddie in Morocco. So what they exacly mean is, the kidnapper came all from Morocco to Portugal, to the hotel and picked out Meg and went back to Morocco? Do you really think people from Morocco, who always wants to come to Europe to work, go to Portugal, to a hotel, picked up only 1 girl and went back? That doesnt make sense.

So if I understand this, they claim the following. An Italian pedo went to Morocco, then he went to Portugal to a hotel to pick out Marry he took her to Morocco and after that ... nothing I guess here ends the unlogical story created by some dumb parents who cant even create an logical lie-idea.

It really ****es me off how dumb some people can be. I think her parents killed her, because when you see them on TV they dont react emotionally. Would you stay calm if your child was missing?

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Oops, her parents just released a new version of the story v1.01 (BETA). Features:

* Added 12 brand new characters to our story.

* Added a donation, so we can on vacation again to lose one of our kids.

* Added a Spanish woman (companion of the Italian).

Ok that was just a joke, what I wanted to ask you Zako, what is your opinion about the whole Maddie story?

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Im not familiar with the story, but from P43 summary, how hard is it to make up a usable story. Its like they had random thoughts out loud. :crazy: Dumb***es

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Im not kidding, they really came out with that story. The police in Portugal suspected the parents, when the parents knew that they where suspicous they want back to England.

Her parents are rich they have money, but they had opened a special Maddie foundation. Many famous people donated money but, you'll never guess it. Her parents took the money for them self wich probly had to be used for investigations but noooo they took it.

I know its sounds like I made up the whole story, but it is real in fact it sounds like a South Park joke.

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