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Way To Disable "homepage" Related Buttons In Internet Explor


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Does any one know,

How to disable those 3 buttons in I.E's Internet OPtions Dialog Box,

wher we can change the default homepage address etc.?

there r 3 buttons name "default" "blank" and anothr1

Actually i have seen many viruses and trojans also disabling that and infected user cant change that easily.

i think changes r done at registry level only for dat but i cant find any thing.. :(

i wonder how these do that way?

Thanks in advance.

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TO BE EXACT ,, i need the disable the following encircled buttons---



That was a kinda bit of indirect/incomplete solution



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If in case you are programming . . . this should work

Local windown_handle:DWORD

invoke FindWindow,NULL,chr$("Internet Options") ; FindWindow with name Internet Options

mov windown_handle,eax ; move its value into Local buffer

cmp eax,0h

je notfound

invoke FindWindowEx,windown_handle,NULL,chr$("button"),chr$("&Use Blank") Find Child Window with Name 'Use Balnk' and ClassName 'Button'

cmp eax,0h

je ovaok

mov ebx,eax

invoke SetWindowText,eax,chr$("Disabled !") ; Set Text

invoke EnableWindow,ebx,FALSE ; Disable the Window



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1) Patch Exe


2) Hook the window creating event and then use starzboy/equivalent code to enable the button

So you don't code at all? Can I ask why you need to do this?

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Not really dear. i hardly code.... just few editing stuff sometimes ...just HTML , bit PHP etc .

Actually i did learn some redundant stuff like foxpro, some amount of "C" and some rdbms stuff a long way back durin school dayz.

Thou i m lookin an Vb now a dayz when i get time..

Actually i m in altogether different profession nd pepl from there call me mad dat way :P ,, when i talk this stuff 2 them.

Regardin the topic of discussion,,i wanna restrict a specific pc user to a specific site so that he is not able to change those very home page link and dats all..

1 thing more,, actually i dont wanna add more restrictions like banning Cp access etc etc.

i hope u must be having a more helpful advise for me ,next..! :)

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