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Shareware That Very Beginner Can Crack ?

Guest salam2002

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Thanks, but i need a name.

I'm not sure this can be discussed, but one easy is Alive! icons :)

If it's not allowed, please let me know/edit this post for me :)

I read the rules again and couldn't find anything that would say it's not allowed, so yea, try Alive! Icons and let me know what you think. :P

Remember, it's kinda old, so making a crack for it else than for practice would be useless. lol

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I wouldnt worry about that, if I where you I would focus my self on GFX. You dont want to know how many groups are looking for good gfx'ers. How could I forget about this, read the lena tutorials the first 10 are very good, and after that try to crack CrackMes. I think that would be a good practise, but make GFX and SFX is way harder because there arnt many good tutorials about that subject I think people dont want to share their knowledge when it comes on the subject gfx and sfx.

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Yes but for a cracktro, intro, demo, ****tro, invitro, chipdisk, installers its important to have hot gfx. I think coding it would be only one time job, if the coder did it for the first time the next time when he have to do a similiar job, it wouldnt be hard for him as for the gfx'er. gfx'ing can cost you many hours, many gfx'ers (just take a look in the gfx section), dont even try to do that. Since everything must be perfect, I cant say that about the WWW gfx people create.

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