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Snd Keygen Template - Arc Flash - (png)


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File Name: SND Keygen Template - Arc Flash - (PNG)

File Submitter: Ufo-Pu55y

File Submitted: 20 Oct 2007

File Category: Keygen Templates


here's another great PNG template by EclipTic.

This time with additional effects again... B)

If somebody wants/needs the PhotoShop file, PM EclipTic !

Check out the red-scroller-slider-gimmick :P

Click here to download the source

Keygen .exe only: SND_Keygen.rar


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wow, so much to discover.

..playing with the scroller. :woot:

I would say, it needs a 'copy sn' feature.

(0's and O's looking almost like the same and could avoid mistyping)

Really crazy cool idea, these neon lights.

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Awesome, mad coding skills UFO!!! I love the sine wave scrolling text, it's brilliant. The flashing effect in sync with the tune is also great!

I would say, it needs a 'copy sn' feature.

The copy feature is automatically done, so no need for the button B)

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YAY great stuff :D

Especially dragging the window even by clicking on the transparent stuff :o

That's way beyond my poor coding skills, respect !

To both of you ofc, the GFX is just as great :sorc:

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Wow, really like that template! Too bad I'm not _the-one-and-only_ keygenner, but just for using that templates it'd be worth doing it more often! :D Thumbs up, UFO.

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WOW! THE BEST... One kicka$$ template(hats off, ecliptic :) )! And tremendous effort by UFO...! The neon light effect is so cool & original.I feel like making a keygen, just to use this template. ;)


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hats off guys.. both of you have shown us some great skills put into this.. just a perfect duo ;)

Your choice of music is as always weird though :P

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Congrats guys. This piece is one of those few truly great and memorable keygen templates IMO. Cool and professional in every way.

Your work deserves to be showcased with the top shelf keygens.


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The GFX can be better but the coding ... man the effects are better then flash. Its really good, scroller is very very good too, nice coding skills! But I wouldnt post this one on pouet since there are many ^%^&^$# who will give you only a dumb down maybe they dont like the gfx. The ego in the demoscene is real high, but the haters dont do a ****. The cables look a bit cheap and weak, but the coding jhaha really evil, you must do that for all your next releases it would give it something unique. Since there is a lack of coders who are willing to code something like that, I think its something great! (you see Im just fair, not a hater:)

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Many of you people think you can learn art. No, you cant learn art. That is a skill you must have you cant get it compared to cracking and coding. Like you are funny or not, you cant learn some one to be funny.

There are a lot of people who read or watch tutorials everyday but what makes me sad is they dont learn anything from it except copying and pasting.

I wouldnt waste my time on gfx if I couldnt do it, because its like okay he made this but about one year everybody has forgotten you. If you make something make it for you self, show the talent you have got not what some else made in a tutorial. That is why many WWW crews have ugly gfx, its the same story about 0day and Demo groups.

Many people think with WWW lamers I mean WWW groups. Thats totally wrong, with www lamers I mean the people who rips and steal releases, post them on warez forums to gain all the respect. Like Demonoid (Lamernoid?), they have stole many releases shared them without any trace of the release group. Thats why I hate WWW lamers. Its they cant to anything, they cant code, they cant crack, they have no sense for composing good ostinatos, or sense for art. All they do is rip rip rip rip rip rip. Or what would be more bad is selling it, that is just ... I dont have words for it, because it makes you a thief if you do that. Because of that, cracking scene got a bad reputation, an another reason to hate torrents :) .

I know many people dont agree with me, but I dont care about other people's opinions. I know how lame the www lamers can be. WWW lamers (web lamers) have nothing to do with www release crews.

BTW there is a difference between a lamer and beginner (noob). I wouldnt consider a beginner as a lamer as long he or she creates orginal artworks.

About the artwork of the skin, im not going to provide any suggestions. You have to do it by your self. But the code is realgood, that is something you dont see everytime in a keygen. Really good.

About pouet, its all based on opinions of retarted people and friends politic.

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Congrats guys. This piece is one of those few truly great and memorable keygen templates IMO. Cool and professional in every way.

Your work deserves to be showcased with the top shelf keygens.


I've used this for the latest UltraEdit 14.00 keygen.

IDM have seriously changed the registration algo in the latest 14.0 version. Much more convoluted than previous versions. Two separate reg checks, time dependant check - some floating point, intermediate ascii string, lots of xors, rols and bswaps and custom hash algos. It seems IDM don't like keygens.

Thanks for the cool template.


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Thanks for the code Ufo-Pu55y.

It led me to something which I was looking for ages: a decent PNG loading library. It has C++ bindings which is perfect for what I am working. So, thanks for indirectly leading me to solve one of my own problems :)

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