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Game - Mafia 2 Confirmed

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At last - this put a smile on my face this morning :) Seems I'm slightly slow as this has been announced since late August, but hey!

One of my favourite games of all time now has a sequel confirmed. There was a discussion somewhere here before on Mafia but I think it was in the automated news feeds section and has been deleted.

Check this out (including screen shots):


This is going to be excellent. If they keep true to the original, it will be a GTA IV beater :)

I played through the original about 2 months ago - its still as good as I remember!

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Cool.. it was the first game ever, I've played on a PC ^^

Exactly the same here, it was the very first game I played on my comp (apart from ****ty Tetris and stuff when I was 7)...

The screenshot are just whoa! :o Guess I gotta buy a new gfx card soon, I never thought there's gonna be a game that makes me spend 400

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Kane and lynch looks pretty good. I don't play many games but I did play the last hitman game (same developer) and if thats anything to go by this will be awesome. There is a trailer video or two knocking around.... its definately aimed at the adults as the violence is extreme and so is the language.

After barely playing any games all year, my Core 2 Duo and 8800 will be put to the test over the coming months - Crysis, HL Ep2, NFS-Pro Street and now these.

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Teddy Rogers
Ditto! Looks like I need to upgrade my graphic card now.. :)

Good reason, I'll use that one when I have to explain it to the missus... :P


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Talking about videocards, check out these monsters:


Thinking thats expensive??? Well check these


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Unless you're loaded the 8800GTS is the best buy at the moment. DX10 ready with 80% of the GTX performance for 50-60% of the price.

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Unless you're loaded the 8800GTS is the best buy at the moment. DX10 ready with 80% of the GTX performance for 50-60% of the price.

Well, soon they'll be cheaper thats with everything. I still can remember when I saw some of the first external 1TB harddisks, they costed here 1100 euro. Now they cost 400/300 euro.

But, the reason why these videocards are expensive is that many people dont buy their games. So the game industry raised the price of the videocards, because you will need them to play the newest games. And many of the newest games require's a card of these days.

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great game indeed....the one thing that was terribably hard for me back in the 1st one was the car racing..brutally hard..i had to use a trainer for it i think..but the rest i played all the way thru (which i rarely do)....

hopefully this wont suck.. :)

if any old schoolers out there never tried it they should give it a go...

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The car racing was tough - initially took me a fair few tries, many of loosing it on the last lap. When I played recently though I use a control pad for all driving and it was so much easier. Finished it first attempt.

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just a matter of time..


@also at loki (this is a old thread but just incase)

Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days-RELOADEDKane and Lynch Dead Men-HATRED


RELEASE DATE : 24-08-2010              PROTECTION : Steam + CEG Û Û Additional Notes:                                              Û Û
Û Û If you have used any of these hacked demo cracks out there, Û Û
Û Û then make sure you start a new game, as your old saves will Û Û
Û Û make the game crash. The main reason: it wont work is because Û Û
Û Û those "cracks" are modified demo exes. 5.55 GB

2010-08-24 20:32:11 NUKES Mafia.II-SKIDROW.NUKE:bad.crack_health.drops.to.1.starting.from.chapter.2

Mafia II Crackfix-SKIDROW

RELEASE DATE : 25-08-2010              PROTECTION : Steam + CEGÛ Û Crackfix Notes:                                                Û Û
Û Û There were a little issue with previous crack. Fixed now! Û Û
Û Û We apologize! Û Û
Û Û As a bonus we have included the DLC package called Made Man. Û Û
Û Û Copy everything to you Mafia II/pc/ folder and overwrite! Û Û

Mafia II DVD5RIP-Unleashed

Release Date  :  08-26-2010             Protection   :  Steam + CEGRipped = Nothing
4.26 GB
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