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Brickwall Keygen


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Overall I like the work, once again. However the y and g in the word keygen just look weird. At first glance it kinda looked like a miss type double y or g. :dunno:

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Nice stuff :)

I'm about to get it coded but I'm facing a few problems...

Here's the current progress:


As you can see, the pink transparent region isn't perfect, there's some sort of gradient/transparency inside the psd so you get pink-grey-mixed pixels that are not the specified transparent color :-/

Dunno how to fix it though, I'm not teh PS haxx0r :>

And I think the buttons are not the right ones ?

Either I placed them totally wrong or they dont fit onto the bmp, you can see some sort of shadow at the top...

Would be nice if you could take a look at that, it's a really cool template :)


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I've updated the file with revised buttons. I've sharpened the edges of it, so the pink shouldn't appear anymore. I also optimized all the bmps for much smaller kb's.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you find anything else.

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Thanks :)

The edges are pretty sharp now, dunno how much you can smoothen them without having the same situation again...

Sorry for that :x

Still gotta think of something for the about box, a scroller is hard to implement (at least for me) so I guess I will do a yellow popup box.

Maybe you can design a small about box as well ? with an X button on top and bricks in the background.

Is that possible ? I would really appreciate it, only if you have time of course :>

Gee thanks in advance,


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