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Admittedly these days illegal activiies often centre around cards and their (mis)use. However it just seems to me that the penalties far outweigh the severity of the crime. Don`t misunderstand I am certainly not condoning illegal activities of this (or any) sort, however if the guy had just stolen a piece of paper listing the card numbers then he certainly wouldn`t be looking at the rest of eternity in the clink!

Moral of the story, if you`re going to turn to a life of craime, don`t use computers, go old-school!

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Wow could get more time then some "terrorist" suspects, sad. Oh and 1.5 million dollars, yeah like that will get paid, cause im sure he was a millionaire hacker who just wanted to share credit cards. Those are really harsh penalties. For one hacking into a system doesnt seem to bad, its the stealing thats bad. Im thinking like a max of 10 years, 250,000 dollar fine. And banned from internet or computer, although similar bans have been appealed and defeated, Mitnick. Just as a final thought the dumb guy gets what he deserves, to an extent.

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