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Question Regarding Browser I.e 6


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hey all....just recently everytime i open a link from a web page post or whatever (doesnt happen when i click a link from my favs though) the window opens up small...is there a button i have to tick to get it to open full/expanded????

just happened recently...dont know why...i ran a spy sweep,etc,etc so maybe that did it....

any suggestions to get it back to normal???its a pain in the arse to have to expand it by hand everytime....

cheers all


p.s..im still using i.e 6

UPDATE....ok i found the soultion...here it is incase it happens to any of you....

"After you expand the webpage using the mouse cursor, use the File>Close option and close the ORIGINAL window.. DO NOT JUST "X" out.."

i wonder why that happened....


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