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Commodore Gaming Pc

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this isnt exactly new news but i just stumbled onto this site...i wasnt aware that Commodore is making Gaming Pc's ....

makes sense i guess.. :)

looks like no notebooks/laptops just yet but im guessing thats next....

Commodore xx

The Commodore xx doesn't just blur the line between gaming and reality, it redefines it. The fastest, most powerful Gaming PC money can buy, this world ending device will serve you and your gaming needs without even breaking so much as a sweat for some good time to come.


This is the starting point of what's inside the Commodore xx. Most parts are customisable.


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Not a bad gamer box... could have better motherboard and a better selection of HD and an x-fi fatal1ty pro. Graphics cards should be some xfx/evga/bfg too... hrm green gaming rig builders. :) )

Nice paint jobs on the cases tho!

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That can't be the "real" Commodore, they must have stolen the name and logo... :dunno:


I agree, as far as I remember Commodore 64 was an operating system. I think its a maketing trick of them, so the oldskool gamers will buy their products.

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most likley they borrowed the name but they have a retro section on there site..im assuming for them to use the name and all of that they would have to get rights right??

The Vintage C64 section of Comodoregaming.com is where we pay homage to Commodore's glorious and eventful past and raise awareness about the much overlooked pioneering role the company played in the personal computer industry. This is also where we will be honouring the worldwide Commodore community for their continuous creative contributions to the Commodore legacy.

The Vintage C64 section is an ever growing fundamental part of the website. Here you can explore Commodore's history, read excerpts from Brian Bagnall's compulsary book On the Edge and play games from the first generation of Commodore C64 software. But there is more, much more to come.

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Nice paint jobs on the cases tho!

Are you kidding? Its just one colot, whats so nice about this.

actually theres several skins to choose from..

Choose any C-Kin for any Gaming PC

The Commodore gaming PC is designed to enhance any environment, with its exterior complementing your interior. What

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Commodore still exists. I saw a building (one of them ?) some time ago -

with a huge logo on it. But I don't know, what crap they are producing right now.

I know, that they tried on wireless telefons some years ago.

Ofc these boxes are not their stuff.. just a paid logo as advertisement.

Like the retro website's just advertisement. That's all.

These modders simply know, that there are still many C= lovas outside,

expecting them to melt away, when seeing this ^^

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Yeah, I liked the vintage breadbox (tan) paintjob myself. hehe.

Commodore 64 was a computer, best selling of all time for a single platform. (10+ million est.) Commodore Business Machines was founded by Jack Tramiel in the 60's as a typewriter repair company. He eventually got into making calculators and then computers. They crushed all of computer manufacturers in the 80's. Jack was also an Auschwitz survivor. The computer was very popular all over the world and is still used. There is still a thriving demo scene on the machine, out lived them all. Also more than 20,000 games were produced for it.

It brings fond memories for us old schoolers. :D

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Teddy Rogers

Unfortunately they got to sure of themselves with the Amiga platform and let the competition catch them up.

It would be very interesting to have seen an AmigaOS dominated world from the Windows one we presently live in. Personally the AmigaOS was far better than early Windows in its day. I hope in a few years I may be able to say the same thing with AROS... :rolleyes:


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About AMIGA's, man I still want to get an AMIGA 1200. I hope soon I kill the lazyness and get a second held AMIGA. They are pretty cheap now, 120 euro? I hate those sort-of-ebay websites, the bidders who screws everything up. Some of teh bidders just fool around bid here bid there only to bother you.

I was planning to get a PSP, and to put an AMIGA emulator on it.

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speaking of amiga i saw this release out there that contains over 20.000 games in total so about 99.999% of all amigas releases...(FLF team)

i might grab it for collection sake.. ;)

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speaking of amiga i saw this release out there that contains over 20.000 games in total so about 99.999% of all amigas releases...(FLF team)

i might grab it for collection sake.. ;)

You mean that huge torrent set wich unrared size is 21gb? Im not sure if it was done by FLF team, because those game's are scene releases they still have their released scene name.

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Aha, thats nice but there is a torrent with all amiga games (they say 26 000 games), orginal scene releases including demo's intro's etc etc. the pack was a 7z archive the size of it is 3.1gb. I need an amiga 1200 :wub:

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something like 60gb of commodore 64 stuff

or was it something like irony between the lines ?

No, really, I have that much :D

been in the "scene" alooooong time.

Then again I collect every crack from every group etc. so I have say 20-30 versions of one game sometimes. There was huge mail swap scene etc.

I still miss calling out :D

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