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Microsoft Wga Validation...

Teddy Rogers

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I read about this issue in the local online news at heise and golem here already.

They gave also this info here


it seems these guys from M$ have again something to do.

Is there no option simply kill this stupid toy as long you work on the pc (Anyway its a retail or not)?

This silly thing spins sometimes with a real retail, too. This was/is in XP and it wouldn't surprise me to see its in Vista, too.

I'm glad to stay as long as I can on XP and install my stuff manually (because you get not all stuff by the official winupdate service) surely some of them require WGA and the homemade update packs are now also bundles with this s...,

but anyway, as long as the good old GenuineCheck (alternative methode) works it's all Ok, to smile a day. :console:

Edit: It looks like they already gave patches for this prob out.





Sorry, no chance to try it out.

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