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Google Doesnt Like The Way I Search


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I was browsing looking for a topic at an open forum. At the time I was looking at the topic, a moderator deleted it.

Then I used google cache feature to see if I can find it (google cache feature is a snapshot that google took of the page as it crawled the web)

I was very surprised and and I made a screenshot of the strange search result, which then I emailed to google together with the search term which reproduced the strange result. After a couple of hours the search term didn't produce the same result and google emailed me back some BS:

Thank you for your note. Your message was submitted to the Security

team for Google.com. We are unable to answer questions related to our web

search results and other various issues.

For assistance, please visit the Google Help Center at

http://www.google.com/support/, where you'll find extensive, up-to-date

information and solutions.

If you don't find the answer to your question in the Google Help Center

and would like additional assistance, you can submit your question to

the appropriate support team by clicking on one of the "Contact us" links

in the Google Help Center.


The Google Security Team

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actually this happened to me after i installed Safari witch ofc likes to keep virus-ed cookies and the like and every time i try to search on Google that message would just keep pooping up so i just went and download spybot and gave it a run and started the search and after the search was finished tada lots of infected cookies were detected so i just deleted them and then Google search worked just fine :D

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