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Windows Vista Joke Of The Year!

Guest P43

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Ok, lets me tell you something that happend to me the last weekend. Two days ago I wanted to buy a laptop. So, I was bored and went with here to a computer store to buy one, everybody knows that nowdays all computers come out with Windows Vista a.k.a ****tiest sytem. I got an ASUS a.k.a ANUS laptop with Vista, later home when I started it there where no problems atleast that was what I tought. The poor soul was happy with a new laptop, later the lame Vista couldnt connect to my wireless router. When I googled I got an anwser on my question (on PC), a system with windows vista cannot connect to a SiteCom router :angry:

First off all, I really hate Northon Anti Virus (a.k.a Pro Virus because it removes ****) it blockes everything, tried to uninstall it it didnt EVEN WORK. Googled, some people said YOU CANT UNINSTALL SOFTWARE ON A VISTA.

So what the heck forget the AV lets install Windows XP. Later, I tried to install Windows XP, same here. It didnt even work, altough I had the SATA drivers wich normally would work.

Now, you'll read the best part, after this it couldnt even start Windows Vista, gave me a stupid error message with some options, all the options had the same result, boot the system again :angry:

Nextday, tried to turn it back at the store and buy an other one. At the helpdesk where a dumb blonde tried to help us, after hitting ENTER thousand time's she gave up and called the manager, the dumb bitch didnt even check it everything was complete, I had the change to steal the recovery cd's + some cable's anyway the faggot came after 15 mins. So, a new attempt wich make me very happy a brand new ACER laptop.

Later home, the CANSER laptop didnt even started up. Back to the store, I asked them why do you sell this ****ing **** to people. They didnt even anwser my question because I was real mad. So, I demanded my money and I got it back.

Now, ill order a DELL computer with Windows XP.

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i have to agree with teddy, while vista does suck, it works as it should. If it wasn't for the lack of support for printers and hardware i have, I'd be using vista just as much as XP.

Never cared for acer

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The problem with Vista is it was made by Microsoft. Dont get me wrong microsoft makes good products but there a bunch of greedy @$$holes. They want things done there way, and they want to make a lot of money. I personally like using Windows for desktop, wont use on server. Things they could improve in Vista. Better hardware support, Super customability, that means you should have an option to have like a XP setup, so u dont have to deal with all the security. Vista is secure but annoying secure.

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I installed VISTA 3 times,but still went back up to XP

VISTA with software driver has many problems

My friend just buy a new HP laptop(preload VISTA) after using couple days,he decided went back to XP

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i have dual boot and have no problem, use vista only for dx10 and recover backup of xp, rar packed. 99.99999% of time im on xpsp2 best system ever from ms****.

and vista i doubt it will be ok even after sp1 its totaly screwed.

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Guest Wastelander

I have a really dumb question....Can a Linux distro running VMWare on solid hardware (No SATA or IEEE or fancy sound card or video card) handle Vista?......I so want to test out Vista and it's "pretty" desktop features....But,.....XP is just now running crash free for me....Soo....Will Vista run in VMWare?...

If not, I plan on getting a Vitsa PRE-Installed machine later in the year....

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i have to agree with teddy, while vista does suck, it works as it should. If it wasn't for the lack of support for printers and hardware i have, I'd be using vista just as much as XP.

Never cared for acer

ditto, that's why i'm waiting at least a year to switch.

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Teddy Rogers

I switched to Vista x64 and not really had any major problems (apart from the lack of Creative webcam drivers.) I am not dual booting but using VMWare when I need to.

@ Wastelander VMWare can setup a virtual machine running either Vista32 and Vista64 (up to 2 processors) and it runs fine - even better if you have an Intel CPU supporting Virtualization Technology...


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