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Hi all,

how to make walk the buttons because I do not arrive has to make functioned the buttons of the skin because I have to modify a file .res but it does not go bus but button its step functional! :dunno:

because I have just tried to just change the bottom into leaving the buttons of the original but it does not go nevertheless! would a person be why problem? :help

thanks advance


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what do you exactly mean ??

you mean you made a skin for patches and used a BMP aqs a button and it never responds to the click ??

if so is must be nofity enabled that will make it work properly.........

in case you wanted to use buttons under BMP's try using CLIPSIBLINGS option enabled :)

if neither then explain a bit more please ;) !!


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yes my problem and on the level of the buttons which I do have create and to replace but as soon as I create the patch it does not function I have uploader my file .res

for you show my problem if you can look at and to say to me if I made errors because I do not know why?

thank you very much for the assistance that you bring to me ;)

"sorry my bad english"



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