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Question Patch Dup2

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a person can help me, because I do not arrive has to make a patch with duP2! :kick:

my question is how to just make easily a patch with the original and to modify it! :blink:

thanks advance


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Im not sure exactly what your asking, but it sounds like you want to make a patch by just comparing original to the modified one. If so DUp has that feature, just choose offset patch and choose both files, its really easy.

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yes but it me but an error like this


and veiled how I made


I made an error?

thanks advance


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maybe yor version is buggy cause as i see it's an old version :)

update your Dup.............!!

Target File : Original File.exe

and i think your target was packed cause you have too many changes in the file it's not good cause some times your patcher might fale in such cases pack it again and release a Cr@ck not a P@tcher.........another thing please delete the app's name from the dup snapshot it's not allowed here bro' :)

can any admin move this topic to it's right place at the questions section :D thanks......


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yes thank you,

yes to afflict I did not pay attention veiled I succeeded has to make the patch because I think that it was an old version :D

thanks for having to help me ;)


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