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Lifeforce By Asd


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This is the 1st in the category 'Combined Demo' on the Assembly 2007.

I can't say much... but I never seen anything like that... :blink::blink: :blink:

And so many details.. simply insaaaaaaane hardcore work.

Check it out !



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Damn, this visual art to combine styles. A trip like a rollercoaster.

Illustation, CGI, real photo or paintings.. :thumbsup:

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Ye, and whole Pouet's going nuts today.

From '****, ****, ****' to 'Demoscene's over now' to 'Damn, I'll retire :/'


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Teddy Rogers

That was a quality demo! I didn't think I would ever get to see something beautifully breath taking like this again. It is good to see works like this coming out that show a real creative demo and not code that hammers home the graphics card... :thumbs:


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