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Snd Keygen Template Png #1


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File Name: SND Keygen Template PNG #1

File Submitter: Ufo-Pu55y

File Submitted: 29 Jul 2007

File Updated: 10 Sep 2007

File Category: Keygen Templates

Well, here comes something different again.

This time we introduce you to the possibilities of using PNGs instead of BMPs.

There's this (quite old) png library I've found - developed by MadWizard.. big thx to him !

No use of regions here. This means opening a door for really 4sskicking skins B)

But there's also an issue, which should be mentioned:

Since it's all used in a layered window, u'll be quite p!ssed, if you try to run it

under Window 98 or beneath. Layered window stuff was added in Windows 2000, so...

Another problem was, that I had to hardcode the text entering,

which means, that u might try to enter a few special characters in vain.. ^^

Thx to EclipTic for pushing all this great work.

Source is in MASM (RadASM project)... (Photoshop project file also included now!)

Ok, pls report bugs&stuff :)

Click here to download the source

Download the keygen only:SND_Keygen.rar


Edited by Ufo-Pu55y
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Teddy Rogers

I really like this template and the built in nfo viewer. Excellent! A really nice job well done... :thumbsup:


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Great great great great job UFO-Pu55y!

Your ideas are always awesome..

and surely thanks for the source...

Keep it up! ;)

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Excellent work UFO-pu55y and Ecliptic. This one really great. Just missing a scroller. Would be cool to have it going though the alphabets ;)

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Thanks for the comments :>

Actually I wanted to add a custom cursor, but forgot it in the end :/

Just remembered... added it and updated all DLs..


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  • 3 weeks later...

Just trying to use this for a release, as I told you (UFO :>) the SN is way too big, it exceeds the 'edit box' ;D

However, I made it display 'Copied to clipboard' as a work around.

There's just one problem, where's the PSD ^_^ I can hardly release it that way ;)

Thanks in advance, hope you still have it laying around somewhere :o


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Crap! Sorry that the PSD wasn't included. I don't have a copy of it where I'm at, but I'll be able to get it via a VPN connection. I'll add it here soon.

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UFO, could you add these to your download package?
Ok, thx & done ! ;)

Tho I've deleted the original groups/layers - not to confuse anybody.

I hope, that's ok. I thought, it's anyway confusing enough,

that I had to use PNGs, which are vertically flipped :X

You can simply edit/save it now as it is...

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It's a nice PNG example :) i have a few others.....and it seems damn intresting to use such format's

looked quite nice when i watched it it's even better than normal transperancy :P lol

thanks bro' for this source i dunno if i'll need the PSD to have a GFXing tips but i don't think so xD

i'am a GFXing noob and i can only use a font in PS lol........pretty weired !!

Cheers Guys & Thanks For The Share........

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