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PlexRed template idea


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File Name: PlexRed template idea

File Submitter: cond0lence

File Submitted: 24 Jul 2007

File Category: Keygen Templates

template idea - Plex Red

A few days ago I got an request in the chan by B_S to create a keygen template,

the only prob was he just said it should be up to me how and it can be a very simple one.

Well, so I worked a bit on a new style piece that was already lying around.

In my opinion this is very simple, maybe the saturation is a bit overpitched.

Just a crazy piece.

The idea came to me in a almost high temperature situation,

but I was sure I had no fibre or would be sick,

just little sinus up and downs.. oops, hehe.

In the case, it has not really the colors he wanted I just

place it to the download manager and surely the right is soon ready.

System font used, so no other needed.

Click here to download this file

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This one looks cool cond0lence ^^ nice colors.........

i would have prefered an other shape for it cause it's has a lot of unsed space on the sides :)

but still it's an Exellent GFX i hope to see more comming bro' ^^ cheers !!

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Red... Black.......... White...................... hehe

Afaik the strongest possible combination of colors - at least for me.

Great work ;)

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